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Spring Event Trends for 2018

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If you’re looking for the coolest and most up-to-date trends in the events industry you’ve come to the right place! We’ve scoured the internet for the hottest trends that are coming this season and placed them all in this neat little list. You’re welcome!


Metallics everywhere!

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And we absolutely mean everywhere: dresses, furniture, accents, and all other things you can think of. What type of metallics? Basically you can just choose the one you love the most. Anything from copper and rose gold to the more traditional gold and silver.The Manor at coffe creek MAHOGANY - Spring Event Trends for 2018


You can use these accents in your event furniture —such as these beautiful and durable metallic event chairs—, but you can also add some whimsical touches. Some cool metallic accents you can add to your events are rose gold cutlery, metallic fabric for table cloths, even shiny silver vases used as center pieces. Be as creative and original as possible. Your clients will love it!


Ultra violet EVERYTHING!

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This year’s Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet, and the events industry is running with it! If it’s Ultra Violet and you can lay your hands on it then you should probably buy it.

This goes for anything from cushions and tablecloths, even flowers. Yes, we said violet colored flowers! Another special trend we’ll discuss later are crystals and other new-age elements. These accents look amazing in Ultra Violet, plus they go great with gold or copper.


Bohemian décorbohe - Spring Event Trends for 2018

Bohemian or New Age style decorations are all the rage this season! Think gauzy fabrics, lots of macramé decorations, and plenty of crystals such as quartz and agate. The nice spring weather is great for bohemian themed events, since they look amazing in outdoor venues.

If you’re planning a bohemian styled event get plenty of gauzy fabrics and hang them around your venue for a mystical atmosphere. Don’t forget to procure lots of flower crowns and get some good-quality, outdoor resistant event furniture that will look amazing with the special décor, just like these great chairs. Add some special quartz accents along with some beautiful jewel tones and you’ve got the most trendy spring event possible for 2018!



Drip cakesdrip - Spring Event Trends for 2018

Dessert tables have been all the rage lately, and spring 2018 is no exception! However, even though a personalized dessert —or donut— table is still in style, drip cakes are the hot new thing for events.

These beautiful and simple cakes go great with bohemian decorations. They’re basically a naked cake or a cake with a very simple buttercream covering, but the top is what makes them special. They’re decorated with dripping streams of ganache which creates a stunningly simple decoration.

Drip cakes can be dressed up or down depending on you client’s preference. You can add flowers to go with your color palette, some macaroons to make your cake look classier, or even some fresh fruit to go with a more natural look.


Black accents

black - Spring Event Trends for 2018


Probably the most surprising events trend of 2018 is the use of black accents. At a time when pastels and gauzy see-through elements are all the rage, thinking about adding a stark contrast like black might seem strange. But don’t be scared of the dark! Black accents will make all the work you’ve put into your color palette absolutely pop.

Black elements are also great for conveying importance and elegance, which is exactly what a lot of your clients will want. Don’t forget to use them sparingly since they might be too much at certain events!


Lots of flowersflowery - Spring Event Trends for 2018

This final trend has been happening for a while now. Specially suitable for spring, adding flowers to all aspects of your events is super in for 2018! Everything from cascading bridal bouquets to breath.taking floral installations are great ideas to impress guests this season.

So get out those huge vases you’ve been hiding away or find a new and original way of hanging flowers from your ceiling! Just don’t forget that your originality and special touch is exactly what your customers look for.

Those were the hottest trends for Spring 2018!

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments and follow us on social media for lots more of the latest news and hottest trends in the events industry!



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