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5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles

5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles

Thanksgiving table decoration do not have to mean the traditional palette of autumnal shades, there are so many different table-decorating ideas and many are around a theme but certain is each table should have its own personality.

We show you 5 amazing Thanksgiving table setting styles from SouthernLiving.com for you to recreate this looks and wow your guests this holiday season without breaking the budget!



Make the guests feel at home this Thanksgiving with a natural setting using woodsy and elegant accents. Try to use a happy balance of inexpensive grocery store flowers and bits from your garden as the centerpiece.

 “A fabulous table setting can be as close as the local tree service, the farmers’ market, or your own backyard.” says designer and stylist Elizabeth Demos.

Simple white plates paired with timeless flatware and thin stemware keep this more rustic setting looking elegant. Bold orange napkins give the setting a pop of seasonal color.

Use silver serving pieces as petite vases for individual blooms rather than creating one large floral centerpiece. You can use dahlias, lamb’s ears, drumsticks, yarrow, and artemisia leaves to create a fall look.

Write the name of each guest on a leaf place card attached to a little felted acorn that doubles as a fun party favor. Scatter loose felted acorns—or real ones—up and down the table to play up the natural theme

Embellish the Buffet. The easiest holiday appetizers are nuts. Serve them in mismatched silver bowls, varying heights with more cut logs. Top your wine carafe with a fresh fig for a seasonal touch.

Natural 232x300 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Natural2 229x300 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Natural3 229x300 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Natural4 225x300 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles



Set a stylish and festive holiday table. Pair classic, refined, antique table settings with natural, modern decorative elements. Antique items bring traditional class to your Thanksgiving table, while nature-inspired finishing touches bring an unexpected decorative flair.

Mount a menu card on an antique picture stand on a console table, to set the tone for the meal.

Instead of arranged flowers, refresh your table setting for Thanksgiving with a trio of black plinths topped with bright, natural orchids resting in silver compotes and natural items that you’ve collected.

Make your table setting for Thanksgiving unforgettable by using a whitewashed table with graphic hits of black and navy, such as black candles and leather chairs, slate-gray woven placemats, and navy-rimmed dinner plates.

And personalize your Thanksgiving dinnerware with intricate, printed place cards. Tuck them in an array of silver saltcellars filled with moss, turquoise stones, and butterflies for unique, individual versions of the centerpiece.

Refined2 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Refined3 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Refined4 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Refined5 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles



Execute a Thanksgiving table can be expensive but not if you embrace modern simplicity. This style incorporates both modern store-bought items with vintage family heirlooms for the perfect Thanksgiving mix. Forget the expensive tureen and no need to polish all silver just perfectly. Mix your inexpensive glass containers with the silver goblet you received from your grandmother for flower centerpieces. Graphic white dinner plates will go perfectly with this style.

The secret key is using natural, long lasting materials. Create a centerpiece with a twist by using cotton bolls instead of overpriced flowers and snip greenery from the garden; this is super simple and inexpensive.

Mix humble cotton, linen, and twine with some simple ideas for a surprisingly elegant look. Cutting thin linen, for example, and ran them through an inkjet printer for menu cards to give a perfect touch. Select a soothing color palette and carry it through.

Choose some motif as a theme and use it to create inexpensive place cards, simply folding over the card-stock and writing each guest’s name in an elegant hand. You can also provide cards for guests to write their own lists of things they are grateful for. Share, start a conversation, and have fun with it.

Simple 1 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Simple2 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Simple3 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Simple4 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles



This holiday style focuses on the dramatic jewel tones that are definitely not expected. The purples and fuchsias paired with the blacks and pewter add extra flair to any Thanksgiving table setting. Black linens are what make the palette really pop, use a black place mat, napkin, and charger, but lighten the look with a white dinner plate. For a more traditional Thanksgiving color, try linens in chocolate brown.

The centerpiece exemplifies that sticking with one color palette makes for flawless floral arranging. Purple rex begonia leaves add a simple flourish and help tie the colors together. Add pewter leaves for interest around the table.

No matter the food or style of the event, use printed menu cards and place them on pewter cardholders to dress up the occasion. You can provide a bit of whimsy to your gathering with a cute little critter!

Select something large and something small. The best-looking tables mix up the scale. Choose something big for dramatic impact, and finish with something small. Success is in the details.

Dramatic - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Dramatic3 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Dramatic4 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles Dramatic5 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles


Casual and Stylish

Set a warm, welcoming table with these ideas for classic style that’s not overdone. Pair sharp modern pieces with traditional antique table decorations for a Thanksgiving spread that is both stylish and casual.

Mix and match different silver patterns utensils for an intriguing place setting. Even though the pieces may be different, they’re united by the same finish. For the sake of consistency, make every setting the same combination. Plate your casual Thanksgiving meal under silver domed lids – and don’t shy away from unpolished finishes, which add a rustic, casual touch to the special occasion.

Get inspired for arrangements. Opt for small, loose flower bouquets paired with tall candelabra for a modest, yet beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece that will free up plenty of table space for serving pieces.

stylish2 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles stylish3 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles stylish4 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles stylish5 - 5 Thanksgiving Table Decor Styles


We are more than excited for Thanksgiving and we are sure you too. Prepare yourself with these lovely settings for your Thanksgiving table and let the holiday season begin!


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