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7 Ways to Make Your Event Venue Stand Out From the Crowd and Get Customers to Choose You!

blog portada - 7 Ways to Make Your Event Venue Stand Out From the Crowd and Get Customers to Choose You!

The competitiveness and ever-changing nature of the event venue rental business can make standing out from the crowd feel like an impossible task. But don´t fret! There’s probably a couple of things your event space already has that can help you wow your customers and keep them coming back. Up next we’ll give you six tips that will not only guarantee your venue stands out, but also keep your customers booking their events with you for a long time!

  • Show off your versatility (without losing your unique touch)

Odds are customers already have an idea in their heads about what they would like the look and feel of their event to be like, especially if they have already chosen a theme or even a color scheme. You can’t go around making costly renovations for every new client, but you should always be sure to show them the adaptability of your space. That being said, customers will also be looking for a unique and memorable hall, so don’t turn your venue into a blank slate! Always point out details that add character to your venue and be sure to market your space accordingly.


event venue stand out - 7 Ways to Make Your Event Venue Stand Out From the Crowd and Get Customers to Choose You!
A beautiful, unique venue that can still be adapted to fit a variety of different themes.
  • Get clients to come to you

Always try to get possible clients to visit the space. They can look at all the pictures they want, but nothing sells a venue like the actual feel of being there in person. Extra points if you can get the client to visit while the space is set up for another event! This will give them a much closer experience to what they will see if they book their event with you.

  • Show off your relationships

Do you have any special relationships with rental companies, providers or vendors? You might be able to secure some beautiful chairs or tables for the event, or maybe you have a standing deal with a florist or caterer. All of these can help you take the load off of your client and land the event, so offer up information about any extra services or discounts you might be able to provide. Anything that can get stress off of them is a plus!

  • Always go the extra mile

If you have any unique rentals now is the time to show them off! Tell your possible client about those amazing table runners, classic stylish chairs, or even that fun ball pit you can set up! Any and all extra amenities in your space could be that special something that makes their event unforgettable

get customers for event venue - 7 Ways to Make Your Event Venue Stand Out From the Crowd and Get Customers to Choose You!
A fun extra (like this bridal bouncy castle) could be the detail that wins over a potential client.
  • Missing anything? Make up with creativity!

Sometimes clients have and extremely inflexible requirement list and your space just doesn’t fit the bill, but don’t despair! Always be upfront about what can’t be done in your space, but at the same time offer up creative solutions that can accommodate at least in part for what the client is looking for.

  • Bank on emotion

Many of the bookings you host in your venue are tied to important life events, so taking care of the emotional side may be what helps you land that new client. Always reassure your client that you have their back and there is no need to worry about anything on your end. Show your customers that if they book their event in your venue they’ll be free to enjoy their special day without stress and uncertainty knowing that all the needs you can provide for will be met.

stand out event venue - 7 Ways to Make Your Event Venue Stand Out From the Crowd and Get Customers to Choose You!
Show your possible client that they can leave their special day in your capable hands.
  • Don’t forget about existing relationships

We always want to land that new client or event, right? But don’t forget about your existing clients, especially if they have yearly events! Try to keep in touch with them throughout the year: you could e-mail them pictures of a certain table setting or a color palette that would be perfect for their next event, or maybe tell them about the beautiful new X Back chairs you recently acquired. You could even set up a reminder to get in contact with them when it’s time to start planning this year’s event.

2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Make Your Event Venue Stand Out From the Crowd and Get Customers to Choose You!”

  1. We need to find an event venue for the 16th birthday of my daughter. It will be the first time that we are going to host such a big birthday party, so we are quite nervous about how to make everything glamorous. She has lots of friends, so we really need to step up the game to keep her from getting disappointed. To help us pick an event venue, I totally agree when you said that the venue owner should be able to offer their clients a visit especially if there is an ongoing event to help them see the possibilities that they can have from their venue. I really like that idea. My husband and I would definitely make a decision easier by seeing the actual venue at work. Thanks!

  2. Hi Millie! We are glad our tips are being helpful for you. Definitely, it’s easier for the owner to show the possibilities of the venue, and it is a huge opportunity for you to see how the place could really work for your event. Remember, don’t be shy and clear up any doubts you may have about the venue to avoid future issues.
    Good luck with you event!! 🙂

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