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Quality or price when buying event chairs?

Event chairs

When seeking event chairs, you will notice there are a variety of purchase options and several materials to choose from. Probably you have asked yourself if it is better to invest in quality or obtain a better price since these two factors will affect your Return on Investment. About price… On the market, you could …

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Secrets to a Successful Event Venue Business

Secrets to a successful event venue business

For a business owner, usually, it takes years of trial and error to succeed. You learn to be prepared, work hard and learn from your mistakes. However, everything has changed and we have been shaping the way to do business today. Identity, clients, market … everything can seem a little bit confusing sometimes. If you are seeking some good advice, keep reading, we have …

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Spring Event Trends for 2018

blog portada marz 768x431 - Spring Event Trends for 2018

If you’re looking for the coolest and most up-to-date trends in the events industry you’ve come to the right place! We’ve scoured the internet for the hottest trends that are coming this season and placed them all in this neat little list. You’re welcome!   Metallics everywhere! And we absolutely mean everywhere: dresses, furniture, accents, …

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Why EVERY Events Business Should Invest in Chiavari Chairs!

why invest in chiavari chairs

Even if you’re just starting out in the events industry you’ve probably made a couple of wise investments already! You’ve selected a venue or office space, you’ve put together a team you trust and value, maybe you’ve even started spending money on advertisements and marketing. These are all very wise ways of using your money, …

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How to Make You Venue More Attractive to Brides & Host More Weddings!

attract brides to your venue

Some of the most profitable kind of events you can host at your event venue or banquet hall is weddings. They’re always a great way to show off your business and they’re also lots of fun! But the wedding venue market can be pretty competitive. That’s why we compiled this list of things you should …

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Everything You Need to Open an Event Venue! — CHECKLIST

blog portada venue checklist 1 - Everything You Need to Open an Event Venue! -- CHECKLIST

Want to open an event venue? If you enjoy spending time with people and would like to be a part of all kinds of special events, this industry is perfect for you! If you’re looking to set up an event venue, a banquet hall, or even a space to host conferences or childrens’ parties we …

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How Amazon is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

blog portada amazon 768x431 - How Amazon is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

Last week Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, briefly overtook Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the entire world, accounting for more than 40% of every sale made online! This website revolutionized the retail industry and its effects are being felt all throughout. With all of …

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