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What are Tiffany Chairs? — Everything you need to know

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When entering the events industry for the first time there are a couple of terms you might hear a lot even though you might not be quite sure what they mean. One of these might be “Tiffany chairs”. Sure, you might think these chairs —also called “Chiavari chairs”— are just another seating option for events! …

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Why EVERY Events Business Should Invest in Chiavari Chairs!

why invest in chiavari chairs

Even if you’re just starting out in the events industry you’ve probably made a couple of wise investments already! You’ve selected a venue or office space, you’ve put together a team you trust and value, maybe you’ve even started spending money on advertisements and marketing. These are all very wise ways of using your money, …

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The Complete Chiavari Chair Styling Guide | The Chairville Blog

guide to styling chiavari chairs

  The Chiavari chair is not only classic, it’s also extremely versatile. This is exactly why event venues, banquet halls, and event furniture rental businesses tend to own these great chairs! There are hundreds, maybe millions of ways you can decorate an event chair, especially the Chiavari chair. Its classic open-back design makes adding decorations …

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Event Chair Delivery

blog portada delivery 4 - Everything You Need to Know About Your Event Chair Delivery

You’ve answered our quiz, you’ve seen all our beautiful pictures, you chose the perfect color and are ready to recieve your event chairs! Now what? At The Chairville we want every step of the event chair buying process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we made this simple article to help …

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QUIZ | Choose the Perfect Chairs for Your Venue with 7 Easy Questions!

Quiz find the event chairs for you

If you’re looking for chairs for your event venue, banquet hall, or rental business, you’ve probably been overwhelmed with choices! From classic Chiavari chairs to rustic Crossbacks, there are hundreds of options and that’s not taking into account material or color. You’re probably wondering: how do you choose the perfect event chairs for your business? …

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