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Chair Materials 101 : Why is the material important?

Chair Materials 101 - Chair Materials 101 : Why is the material important?

Remember: If you want make the best purchasing decision you need to pay special attention to the quality of your event chairs wholesale.

Event chairs for sale are made of a vast variety of materials, the most popular are: aluminum, steel, resin and wood. The final chair might look the same regardless of its material, but in order to take the best purchasing decision you need to pay special attention to their quality.

As a buyer you need to look for Versailles or Chiavari Chairs with these main characteristics:

  1. Built in one piece

This characteristic is very important in order to avoid getting worried about assembling or adjusting screws.It saves time and makes transportation easier, which is especially important for event rental business.

  1. Made to be long lasting

The Return of Investment (ROI) is very important for event business, which is why you need to look for Chiavari Chairs wholesale that will last for years in good conditions despite of its storage or exposure to natural elements.

  • Expert tip: The best way to assure that you are making a smart and long lasting investment is to check the warranty of your event chairs. The longest the warranty, the better the investment will be! The Chairville offers the longest warranty in the market.
  1. Easy to maintain

Some event chairs are easier to maintain than others, the difference relies on its quality. High quality materials are more resistant and it is easy to take care of.

If you want to know about how easy it is keep our Chiavari Chairs perfect check out our Chiavari Chair Care 101 series!

Remember: Before taking your final purchasing decision keep in mind that the chair material is very important.

High quality materials (like aluminum and steel) mixed with a good manufacturing process withstand exposure and movement better. Also they are easy to maintain and finally they assure you an excellent Return of Investment.

During the following days we will explain the main differences between steel, aluminum, wood and resin. We hope this material guide will help you to take the best purchasing decision.

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