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Chiavari Chairs – Design

Chiavari Chair - Design

Created by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, renowned craftsman in Chiavari on the north-western Italian coast, Chiavari Chair dates back to 1807.

Chiavari chair has been part of all sorts of settings for over 200 years and has evolved into the most wanted event chair; from important galas to elegant weddings and even in rustic styled events adding a lovely contrast.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Chiavari Chairs!


Design of the Chiavari Chair

The real success of the Chiavari chairs is due to the design.  The slim design of the Chiavari chair gives spacious seating at tables, its delicate and sleek lines make it perfect for any occasion and these features combined with the strength of a good material gives you the best option for every event. Every venue loves Chiavari chairs because of the durability, lightweight and simplicity to manipulate and stack.

Some of the main features of the style of the Chiavari chairs are its delicate ladder-like back with vertical spindles on the upper backrest and the spindle framing reminiscent of bamboo canes.

metal chiavari mahogany closeup - Chiavari Chairs - Design
Bamboo canes details


Buying Wholesale Chiavari chairs

Though the first Chiavaris were made of cherry wood, today the Chiavari chair can be found in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes.

You will find Chiavari chairs for sale with similar dimensions, made of wood, steel, aluminum, and resin, with removable or fixed cushions and so on.  When buying wholesale Chiavari chairs you will face a difficult decision but remember to choose high-quality chairs that can be used indoors and outdoors.

How to identify the best wholesale metal event chairs!

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Wholesale Chiavari chairs

Steel Chiavari Chairs

Fortunately, you can get the elegant look of the original Chiavari Chairs and the classic bamboo frame design with all the benefits of a strong material!

Over the years steel Chiavari chairs had become one of the favorites: they are lightweight, sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to take care of.

Our steel Chiavari Chairs wholesale, made with the highest quality materials, offer the perfect combination of durability, resistance, and eye-catching classic design.

Reasons to choose steel Chiavari chairs.

The legacy at green hills3 - Chiavari Chairs - Design

If you are thinking that elegance comes with a high price tag, there is a Chiavari styled chair in affordable price ranges too!

At The Chairville our chair experts created a resistant seating option with minimum details that lower its manufacturing costs and makes it perfect for your event venue, restaurant or rental company.

A significant, incomparable chair. The Chiavari chair is functionality paired with sophistication.

Discover the best steel wholesale Chiavari chairs on the market here!

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