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Get inspired by our Golden Chiavari Chairs wholesale!

Golden Chiavari Chair - Get inspired by our Golden Chiavari Chairs wholesale!

Discover why our golden Chiavari Chairs are the perfect pick for your fall events.

Andrea Fowler, wedding expert from The Knot, explains that fall color trends this year are: “dusty pastels paired with moody jewel tones like burgundy, emerald and plum to create a romantic Victorian color palette.” All of these tones are perfect for all kinds of celebrations: weddings, thanksgiving banquets, birthdays or just dinner parties.

One of the first steps of event planning is to choose the color palette and match it to the event furniture. A great idea is to buy event chairs for sale in neutral colors, this way they will look good anytime of the year.

One of the most popular neutral tones is gold because it looks good in any season, especially in the fall. This color gives any event an elegant mood and it can be easily match to any palette.

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