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How to Market your event Venue

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Your venue is perfect. It has the location, the space, and the amenities… but you have competition. You need to stand out and get your venue noticed by the right people!

When it comes to marketing your event venue, there are a few things that you can do. Here we give you some creative ways we found online for you to put your venue in the spotlight.


Feature your Real Weddings everywhere

Brides are addicted to real weddings, and they’re especially interested in seeing photos and reading reviews. Partner with a photographer to submit yours to wedding websites, blogs and all over social media  


Meet them online

One of the biggest challenges a couple faces when planning a wedding is finding the right location. Consequently, it’s the #1 question asked in the chat rooms and the #1 search done online. They’re simply rabid for wedding venue ideas and reviews.

Promote your venue on every local online hotspot and you’ll book more weddings.


Set up a virtual tour

People want to know what they’re getting into. A virtual tour can help them feel engaged with your event space and more informed about what it offers. Use photos or videos to allow event planners and couples to experience your site without even setting foot in the building. You can use a mix of text, photo, and video to provide helpful information while also giving viewers control over the experience. A simpler alternative is to use 360° technology, which provides a less structured tour, but gives more freedom to ‘look around’.


Host a Local Meeting

Volunteer to host a local meeting for an event planning group or committee. This will get people through your doors to see how awesome your venue is. Also consider any local, regional or national industry committees you can get involved with and position yourself as a valuable resource for planning large events. 


Get listed on a Directory

Many event planners turn to online event venue directories to find the best venues to host their events. Find the most popular venue directory in your city or be part of a free local business directory. This will increase your visibility and will connect you to thousands of planners who are interested in your event space.


Establish a Network of similar Venues

Build up a network of venues that are similar to yours but in different regions of the country (i.e. Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, East Coast, and West Coast). This network will allow you to refer planners to similar venues that are not in direct competition with you, after they have already held an event at your venue. So, if someone asks, “Do you know any similar venues that we can hold our next conference at in the Pacific Northwest?” you can refer them to your partner venue. The other venues will return the favor and help you drive sales.


Build a Following

In this digital age, it’s essential to market your venue online. Tap into social media to increase awareness of your venue and build a strong following. Create a profile for your venue on all the major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Stay active on these platforms and provide incentives for meeting planners to follow and engage with you.


With these tips, we hope you can successfully market your venue, build a strong reputation, and garner more leads. And don’t forget to visit The Chairville to have your venue always ready with the best event furniture on the market!


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