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Reasons to avoid resin Chiavari Chairs

Chair Materials 101 artculo 3 - Reasons to avoid resin Chiavari Chairs

Buying resin Chiavari Chairs that look similar to the metal ones is not a smart decision because this material does not have the same benefits and features.

There are many available options to buy Chiavari Chairs. The main difference between all these event chairs is the quality of materials they are made with.

In the previous article, we explained all the benefits our aluminum Chiavari Chairs offer: versatility, resistance, long life, and many more. Today we will talk about another common Chiavari Chair material: The resin.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary: “Resin is an artificial substance that is similar to natural resins and that is used to make plastics.” When it comes to Chiavari Chairs for sale this material has become popular as a replacement of aluminum and steel, this is not a smart decision because despite it might look similar it does not have the same features.

Why should you avoid resin Chiavari Chairs wholesale?

  1. They are more fragile

Resin is a type of plastic: This characteristic makes the chair lighter, but it means it can hold less weight and even bent. Fragility is bad for event guests because they might feel insecure or discomforted if the chair feels breakable.

  1. They are not always a one-piece chair

Many resin Chiavari Chairs need to be assembled, and with the time some screws need adjustments. This does not happen with our metal Chiavari Chairs  because they are 100% welded, shipped in one piece and ready to use.

  1. Color is less vivid

Powder coated makes our metal Chiavari Chairs look glowing in any shade. This does not happen with resin, because the adherence of the paint is not the same.

  1. Little details become big details

Scratches and peeling of the color might be an issue with resin, because it does not withstand as well as metal.

  1. Discoloration is common

Another color issue can be discoloration, especially if the chairs are used outside and they have high exposure to sunlight and rain. The color might change or fade away faster compared to our metal Chiavari Chairs because we paint our products with powder coating.

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