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Reasons to choose aluminum Chiavari Chairs

Chair Materials 101 artculo 2 - Reasons to choose aluminum Chiavari Chairs

Discover all the benefits that our aluminum Chiavari Chairs have!

Editor at large, Janet Hall said that: “(Metal is) considered the most durable material for outdoor furniture, (it) can last a lifetime if you take care of it properly.” This is what makes aluminum the most popular material for outdoor event chairs for sale.

Aluminum is a silvery metallic element that never rusts. It is one of the best materials for Chiavari Chairs (especially if they will be used in exteriors); in fact most outdoor furniture is made with it. Compared with wood and resin, aluminum is a better option because it is lighter and withstands better any natural condition. It is also more durable, eco-friendly, versatile and resistant.

Why is it such a popular material for event chairs for sale? How can it resist water, even saline water? And why doesn’t it rust?

Experts from Family Leisure explain: “When aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere, oxide forms on the surface, which creates a microscopic layer of protection against water. This is why aluminum (…) is so popular: it can withstand outdoor elements and exposure to rain, sleet and snow without forming rust. This allows owners of this type of furniture to leave it outside during storms or perhaps entire winters without fear of weather damage.”

You should choose our aluminum Chiavari Chairs if you…

  1. Are looking for long-lasting chairs

Our chairs are highly durable, thanks to the quality of the materials they are made with. That is why we offer the longest warranty in the market

  1. Live in a humid zone

Aluminum cannot rust plus our chairs have a powder coated finish; this feature prevents any damage related with weather conditions from salty moist to snow.

  1. Want a low-maintenance piece

The aluminum Chiavari Chairs wholesale are shipped as one piece, this means the owner does not have to assemble or adjust screws.

  1. Need a safe but lightweight event chair

The security of the event guests is really important, as well as the setting process. Our aluminum chairs have both qualities: they are strong and resistant to support guests, and also lightweight enough to move around and transport easily.

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