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Want Your Venue to Have Black friday Deals? Here’s How!

blog portada black friday 1 - Want Your Venue to Have Black friday Deals? Here's How!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, this means that amazing deals and sales are starting to pop-up all over the place! The events industry is no different, and plenty of people, especially brides, are scouring the internet right now to find that special deal for their special day. If you would like to be a part o the time-honored tradition of Black Friday deals here are some ways to do so. 

christin hume 309876 - Want Your Venue to Have Black friday Deals? Here's How!

Sell Your Slowest Dates

Every wedding or event venue has a set of dates that tend to stay open every year, so why not offer them up at a special price? Figure out the lowest price you can offer and start off your Black Friday deals with some discounted dates. This way you get some extra business on those hard-to-sell dates and people get a great discount! Win-win.

Sell Cancellations

The biggest problem with these dates is the fact that people won’t have the same amount of time to plan that they would otherwise. This is a great reason to offer these dates at a special discount! 

Give a Discount on Rentals

Most venues offer some cool decorations and extras for a rental fee. Anything from a balloon arch to chairs and tables are great options that both make your venue more attractive and give you some extra revenue. Take advantage of your rentals and offer a special Black Friday discount for new bookings. You can even extend this discount to people who have already booked your venue but haven’t asked for any of your rentals!

Create a Special Black Friday Package

Package deals are great for venues and banquet halls! They are extremely attractive for anyone planning an event because they make the whole process a whole lot easier. So get to together with your preferred vendors and create a special all-inclusive package. This is sure to get your bookings up! 


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