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Wedding decor trends making an impact in 2019

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Wedding decor trends evolve year after year, and weddings are becoming more personalized than ever before. Newly engaged couples with fresh ideas are eager to show their personalities using décor, as styling is crucial to set the tone at an event.

This year we have been seeing some trends that continue to be present since last year, as well as new lovely ideas that are blowing our minds!

We show you some of the best ideas for your next summer events.

(With information from Spice News & Martha Stewart Weddings)


Return to Classic

While modern, edgy wedding décor is certainly on the rise, there are plenty of couples who want to bring back traditional design elements, says Laurie Arons, wedding and special event planner. This means that the classic ballroom wedding is having a moment once again: “The traditional, elegant dinner party wedding is back in fashion,” she says. “For inspiration, think of the special elements in your grandmother’s dining room—silver candlesticks, monogrammed linen napkins, Battenburg lace overlays, and crystal stemware all have a place in this beautiful and timeless wedding trend.”

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Image: Maria Lamb Photography


Statement Wedding Cakes

There’s something iconic about a wedding cake, it represents a couple’s love story.

“Dessert displays with an assortment of treats dominated the wedding scene in 2018, but more and more couples are trending back towards splurging on one big focal statement cake instead,” says Amber Karson of Karson Butler Events.

KT Merry 240x300 - Wedding decor trends making an impact in 2019
Image: KT Merry



Foliage is back on the menu, it continues to be on trend and has become more popular in 2019. And when it comes to floral, an increasing number of florists are attempting to minimize their use of floral foam and to design only with locally sourced, seasonal flowers.

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Image: Spice News


Food stations

Food stations have become a very popular option at wedding receptions and this year is no exception. It is a delicious trend that’s infinitely customizable, so you should keep in mind the food you serve should match the style of your event, but there are no right or wrong answers.

What types of food can be served? If you want a fancy station go with sushi or oysters, if the couple has a different cultural background, cultural options are a great way to incorporate some of the newlywed’s touches. You can also go with the American favorites or even Childhood favorites!

Wedding food stations won’t be going anywhere.

Windsor Ballroom 300x200 - Wedding decor trends making an impact in 2019
Image: Windsor Ballroom


Custom signage

Make a statement with a custom, neon sign. Neon signs are extremely popular suspended on the wall behind a bar, the dance floor or in the venue entrance.

It is also popular and a good idea to use a generic message that can be reusable.

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Image: Kaity Brawley



Finally, bright colors are making a comeback after a period of neutral tones. Candle holders, napkins, light fittings all of the wedding décor elements are getting colored! And even when “gold flatware continues to be hot and black cutlery is on the rise, rainbow cutlery adds a fun, unexpected element.” says Elizabeth Hollingsworth, director at My Event Décor.

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Image: tidewaterandtulle.com



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