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Wedding Planners in History

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Do you know when wedding planners became popular??

Read a little bit of this great article about the history of wedding planners!

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The role of the professional wedding planner has evolved over the years. As long as men and women have been getting married, there have been people to arrange all of the details and help plan the wedding day. Perhaps not the stylish, modern-day professional wedding planner hired by celebrities that we have become accustomed to, but rather a behind-the-scenes individual–typically a female relative or neighbor.

Weddings, indeed, marriages, have changed in the past 30 years or so.

The end of World War II saw the beginning of big American weddings in public places. Prior to that, weddings were relatively private and small gatherings. And then in 1981 the world turned it’s eyes to the wedding of all weddings: The marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. Watched by millions the event set off the modern day ‘big wedding’ frenzy.


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Almost overnight, weddings became the fairytale lavish productions that bridal magazines and dreams are made of. And the role of the wedding planner became more prominent.

Now with the average American wedding costing $28,000, and requiring more than 15 types of wedding professionals/vendors and attended by approximately 165 wedding guests, wedding planners are no longer reserved for the rich and famous but instead have become a necessity for time-pressed couples.


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Read the full article here: https://weddingsforaliving.com/the-history-of-the-wedding-planner



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