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5 secrets you didn’t know about Chiavari Chairs

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Your Chiavari Chair creates the perfect environment for all those special events you will never forget. But how much do you know about this elegant, perfect-for-weddings chair?

In this blog we have told you how to take care of your Chiavari Chair and the story of its creation, but this elegant chair still has a lot of secrets to share. Today we will reveal five secrets you did not know about it…

  1. Chiavari refers to the town in which the chairs were invented

The place is located on the Italian Riviera inside the region of Liguria.

  1. The first Chiavari Chair wholesale happened in 1826

Francis I, King of Napoli, ordered 100 chairs for its palace.

  1. Famous Neoclassic sculptor and painter Antonio Canova was a Chiavari Chair fan!

He described it as a “miracle of technique and elegance”.

  1. Napoleon III named Giuseppe Cayetano Descalzi the author of the Chiavari Chair…

Also his personal Chiavari Chair supplier.

  1. It became the favorite wedding chair in 1953

When First Lady Jackie Kennedy utilized it in her wedding.

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