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6 reasons why you need Chiavari Chairs

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By now, we all know that Brides and event hosts love Chivari chairs! Chances are that you have come across with these chairs more than once. That is, because Chiavari chairs represent the best solution in sitting arrangement for an event, therefore and thanks to their unmatched durability and classic charm, venues, banquet halls, and rental companies use them widely.


Why to choose Chiavari Chairs? 

Chivari chairs continue to be the gold standard as they are able to elevate the look of any formal event. The next 6 reasons will show you why you are making the right decision getting your own Chiavari chairs!

Chiavari chais White Oaks Event Venue - 6 reasons why you need Chiavari Chairs
Credit: White Oaks Event Venue


1. Perfect choice for any wedding

The elegant sophistication of Chiavari chairs, makes them truly the best option for a classic, picture perfect ceremony and reception. You can find them in variety of charming colors, and you will always find the perfect one to take your décor to a totally new level.

Thanks to their clean appealing lines, these chairs keep the setup flawless from beginning to end and their cushioned seats keep the guests always comfortable enough to enjoy the party!


2. Beautiful on their own

Chiavari Chairs are already perfect as they are – they don’t need any improvement or extra decorations. They can give the most exquisite look to your party, unlike any other chairs available for events, which are utilitarian but not very elegant.

However, if you want to add that extra to your seats, Chiavari Chairs can serve as an excellent canvas for any design.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful and easy solution, invest in Chiavari chairs.


3. Lightweight and solid

Their lightweight design makes Chiavari chairs very portable, also the set up and tear down process will be an easy thing! And, as they are easily stackable can be efficiently stored.

Despite the fact of being so light weighted, they are remarkably resistant and durable. Nevertheless, be sure to choose the best quality Chiavari in the market!  Visit to check them out.


4. Ideal for any wedding décor

Chiavari chairs are capable of beautify the rooms and get along perfectly with classic and modern ceremony themes alike.

Even though they’re lovely on their own, if a bride wish to style Chiavari chairs, they provide an ideal design for limitless creativity. They go incredible well with flowers, ribbons, sashes and any accent you put on them!

If you want to find out How to style Chiavari chairs we have some ideas.

Chiavari chairs White Oaks Event Venue2 - 6 reasons why you need Chiavari Chairs
Credit: White Oaks Event Venue


5. Gives your venue an open feel & emphasize the table décor

Since Chiavari chairs have a clean, non-enclosure design, they create a fresh and dynamic use of space and this will be a well appreciated feature by any guest.

If the emphasis of an event wants to be given to table cloth and décor, Chiavari chairs can be paired perfectly giving a fine balance. As regular or intricate design banquet chairs can cover the table setup and linens, they can suffocate space and make the setup look untidy.


6. They can be used both indoors or outdoors

Once you have a perfect room or the perfect outdoor scenery, it’s important to find a chair that works well no matter their location, and that one is a Chiavari chair!

Thanks to their modern and elegant design, the Chiavari chairs look beautiful against an outdoor backdrop or in your indoor ceremony, making them an excellent option no matter where your venue is.

Chiavari chair Willowdale estate - 6 reasons why you need Chiavari Chairs
Credit: Willowdale Estate


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