Chiavari chairs Did you know?

7 Things about Chiavari chairs you didn’t know

7 Things about Chiavari chairs

The Chiavari chair is one of the most popular chair nowadays, and we can see why!

You are blown away with its beautiful and elegant design and you are ready to buy Chiavari chairs wholesale, but how much do you know about this lovely chair?

Here are 7 things about Chiavari chairs you didn’t know!


1. The Chiavari chair is also known as the Chiavarina, or Tiffany chair.

A chair used in celebrations around the world. Depending on the country you are in, the Chiavari chair will have different names, but it will always be the perfect option for any event.


2. It is a Ligurian design.

The Chiavari chair was created in 1807 on the northwestern Italian coast. This region almost coincides with the Italian Riviera and nowadays is popular with tourists for its beaches, towns, and cuisine.

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3. It is a rework of some chairs in the French Empire style.

His creator, a cabinetmaker from Chiavari named Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, redesigned these French chairs by simplifying the decorative elements and lightening the structural elements.


4. It became a very popular design over the years.

When his creator Descalzi died in 1855, about 600 workers were making Chiavari chairs.


5. Pope Leo XIII owned Chiavari chairs

Chiavari Chairs were given to Pope Leo XIII as a gift by the Italian City of Chiavari when the city became a diocese in 1892.


6. It inspired the Superleggera chair

The architect and designer Gio Ponti was inspired by the structural system of the Chiavari chair for his Superleggera chair of 1955.

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7. It was originally made of timbers from inland forests in Italy

Descalzi designed Chiavari chair using wild cherry, maple, beech, ash, and purple willow.

Today we can find Chiavari chairs not only made of wood, but made with different materials that provide resistance and make them more affordable in a long term appropriated for the industry needs today.  

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As you may know, in The Chairville we specialize in Steel Chiavari chairs.

Steel Chiavari chairs offer the same elegant design of the original Chiavari chair with the benefits of this long lasting material. Resistance, a special coat of paint that doesn’t fade or peel off and the fact that it’s made in one piece, makes the steel Chiavari chair the best option when buying Chiavari chairs wholesale for your business.

When it comes to color you can choose a natural mahogany color to have that woody touch, or choose from a wide variety of options that will make your space stand out from the rest.




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