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8 Easy and Free Tips for Promoting Your Event Business Online!

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Today, event planners and hosts live online. Places like Instagram and Pinterest are now tools that your possible clients use not only to get inspired, but also to look for everything that they need! Venues, banquet halls, and other event-related businesses can profit greatly from having the right online marketing strategy.

Social media is a free and easy way to attract customers and you should start taking advantage of it immediately! We’ll provide you with some amazingly simple tricks to successfully promote event business online.

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  1. Have a clean and consistent design

The most important part about using online resources to promote your businesses is keeping people interested when they reach your page. The first step to doing this is having a clean and attractive design.

Make your web page as clean as possible but remember to add attractive images preferably taken by a professional photographer. Use professional high-quality photos in all of your social media pages as well to give your followers the right impression.

Consider keeping your color palette at as low as one or two colors. A minimalist design on a web page helps clients find what they need quickly and makes the page more inviting.

  1. Place information up front and center

When people research online there are a few key elements that they need to know before they decide to consider a venue as an option for their event. You should provide possible clients with this information as quickly as possible! This means they will stay on your page longer than if they have to search for it in complicated and confusing menus.

The first thing a client finds should be the location of the hall. This should be followed by pictures of the inside with clear information about capacity. Then, in a link or menu, you can include other important information such as availability and costs.

  1. Include a gallery

Pictures are the fastest way to get an online client to fall in love with your business, so make sure you have plenty of them at their disposal!

Have gallery in your web page that includes pictures of real weddings held at your venue, include as many high-quality pictures as possible.

A great idea is staging your own photoshoot! To do this you can partner up with photographers, florists, decorators and other event-related businesses in your area, this will not only ensure that you get beautiful pictures but also serve as advertising for all of the parties involved.

An online tour is also a great idea and can be done with pictures, video, or even 360° technology!

  1. Show off all your services!

Always remember to list all of the possible services you provide on your web page!

You never know what a client might be looking for, so list off all the extra amenities, services, and rentals you can provide if required. Do you have a bridal suite or some stunning chairs? Include pictures so that customers have a clear idea of what you have to offer!

You should be very clear about any extra costs that these services or rentals can generate since clients might think that they are included in the base cost of the venue.

  1. Display your promotions and packages

A lot of the people researching halls and venues online are searching for the best bang for their buck, so make sure you show them what you have to offer! Social media is a great way to promote your seasonal packages or even find a new booking after a cancellation. But be careful! Always be absolutely crystal clear about any discounts you are offering and leave nothing up for interpretation. Never let the client expect anything that you are not capable of providing.

  1. Keep your online presence up-to-date

Some people set up a web page or a Facebook account and forget it. The most successful businesses keep their social media profiles as well as their web page up to date by adding new pictures and relevant information constantly. Online clients are a lot more likely to find your venue interesting if they see that you are always hosting new and beautiful events. Remember, an up to date profile will be a lot more attractive to clients looking online than a neglected one.

  1. Showcase your client satisfaction

Internet shoppers will always be swayed by one thing and that thing only: customer reviews. Ask your previous clients to write a review about your venue and post it on your web page or social media profile. This is great since possible customers can read those reviews when they find your page. Online clients trust internet reviews almost as much as a personal recommendation! This means that they are more likely to book a venue after reading how much fun someone had at their event thanks to you and your venue.

  1. Find your client instead of letting them find you

There are plenty of ways to meet your clients while they search that involve paying for targeted online advertising. However, there’s a simple and absolutely free option that is incredibly effective: knowing where your clients are searching! Modern brides prefer using web pages like The Knot and Wedding Wire for finding their wedding venue. You should make sure to set up a profile there with pictures, reviews, and a link to your web page. For other ideas ask your clients where they searched before they got to you so that you can make their search easier and meet future customers there.


Following all of these simple and free tips will make sure that online customers find your profiles and STAY on them as much as possible! And who knows? Maybe they’ll even fall absolutely in love! For more great tips that are sure to make your business grow, follow us on twitter and facebook. You might also like this article about growing your client base using banquet chairs or maybe you need some new event furniture! Comment below if there are any articles you’d like us to write on this blog.

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