Tips for Venue Owners

Attract bookings to your venue

Attract booking to your venue

The wedding industry evolves frequently, and to be part of it you should be aware of the latest trends, and most important, of the priorities of wedding planning couples. Offer your clients what they want and need, will put you ahead of the competitors and will result in more bookings.

After doing a little bit of research on the internet, we bring you six key things that couples want from wedding venues today. If you pay attention to these, you can ensure your wedding business is prepared to be exactly what couples want you to be.

Because after all, is about giving them what they want how they want it, to captivate their minds and hearts and be part of one of the most important days of their lives.


1. Money matters

The first and most important question of today’s couples is “how much does a wedding cost”? For this reason, it’s more important than ever for wedding venues to highlight the ‘value for money’ and show some pricing parameter online and offline so that couples can see immediately if your venue is suitable for them.

Be transparent on what’s included, do you offer full-service? Or do they need to bring their own vendors and decor? Most of the time couples are willing to spend more if you’re open, honest and work with them to build a wedding package that fits.

Finally always remember to mention what your venue include for free! Wedding invites, complimentary wedding favors, cash rebates … This could make the difference at the time couples make the final decision.

01 - Attract bookings to your venue

2. How other people rate you

Reviews, as well as recommendations from friends and family, are the most important resources for couples when finding wedding suppliers. After price, this is a determinant feature for venue selection so don’t forget to ask for a review after every wedding you host.


3. Presence

To win more bookings, your wedding venue needs to be everywhere and ready to be discovered by wedding planning couples. A few recommendations on how to achieve this are: pay special attention to your online marketing effort (have a frequent valuable social media activity, create suitable content, learn about SEO) and be part of the wedding suppliers online directories and wedding planning platforms as well as local Expos.

Another must thing to do, is to meet and create great relationships with local event planners, this way you will be sure that your venue will be considered an option for couples, even if they do everything through a planner. 


4. Photographs of real weddings at your venue

Couples want to see examples of how weddings held at your venue look like and how certain spaces are used. This help them imagine their own wedding day at your venue and at the same time, this becomes a great marketing tool.

Make sure to show good quality photographs, you can either take your own shots (with a good quality camera and asking permission from the couple to use them after the wedding) or you could strike up a deal with a photographer in which you promise to include him on your preferred supplier list in exchange for access to a handful of the photo’s they take for each wedding held at your venue.

5. Personalization & guest experience

Couples want to achieve the wow factor and give the best impression to their guests, they want beautiful backgrounds for their wedding photographs and personalize every little element to make that big day unique.

Always let couples know that they can decorate and transform your venue to suit their needs and desires. Regarding the guests’ experience, make sure you have a comfortable amount of space to fit all guests and if you are a full-service venue, keep in mind the huge role food and the service plays in how couples and event attendees would enjoy the wedding.

Couples are certainly still cost conscious but the majority are also more willing now than ever before to stretch their budget if you can offer them their perfect wedding venue.


6. Enough parking lot space

Even if insufficient parking isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, couples always will look out for the convenience of their guests. If you don’t have any parking space available, offer different alternatives for your clients such as a good parking lot nearby or big, empty streets where it’s safe to park.

2 - Attract bookings to your venue

After all we have read about venues and couples, we can say that wedding booking success depends on what couples look for in wedding venues today and how willing you and your business are to adapt.

Make the most out of your wedding venue, and make sure to always market your assets in the right way to attract more couples. And don’t forget to visit The Chairville to have your venue always ready with the best event furniture on the market 

Now that you know, do what you need to do!


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