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Where to buy eco-friendly wholesale Chiavari chairs

Where to buy eco-friendly wholesale chiavari chairs

Taking care of our environment is more important than ever, and if you own a wedding venue or a chair rental company and you are looking for eco-friendly wholesale Chiavari chairs you can do your part buying sustainable event chairs at The Chairville!   A forward-thinking company should care about how eco-friendly their event chairs …

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6 reasons why you need Chiavari Chairs

Why you need chiavari chairs 768x431 - 6 reasons why you need Chiavari Chairs

By now, we all know that Brides and event hosts love Chivari chairs! Chances are that you have come across with these chairs more than once. That is, because Chiavari chairs represent the best solution in sitting arrangement for an event, therefore and thanks to their unmatched durability and classic charm, venues, banquet halls, and …

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Why EVERY Events Business Should Invest in Chiavari Chairs!

why invest in chiavari chairs

Even if you’re just starting out in the events industry you’ve probably made a couple of wise investments already! You’ve selected a venue or office space, you’ve put together a team you trust and value, maybe you’ve even started spending money on advertisements and marketing. These are all very wise ways of using your money, …

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Chiavari chairs Event Design

The Complete Chiavari Chair Styling Guide | The Chairville Blog

guide to styling chiavari chairs

  The Chiavari chair is not only classic, it’s also extremely versatile. This is exactly why event venues, banquet halls, and event furniture rental businesses tend to own these great chairs! There are hundreds, maybe millions of ways you can decorate an event chair, especially the Chiavari chair. Its classic open-back design makes adding decorations …

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