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Everything you ever wanted to know about Chiavari Chairs!

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If you’re entering the event business you’ve probably come across Chiavari chairs.  Whether you’re opening your own venue or hall, or setting up a rental company the Chiavari is everywhere. These chairs have become the gold standard for event seating! They are mainly sought after for weddings as well as other formal occasions. But, why are they so popular? In this article we’ll answer all your questions about Chiavari chairs and tell you why you should have them in your inventory!

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Why are Chiavari chairs so popular?

Let’s start off with some history. Chiavari (pronounced ke-a-va’re, here’s a video that makes it a lot clearer!) is actually the name of the region in Italy where these chairs were first manufactured in 1807. Their elegant yet simple design was so popular that important figures. These include Queen Victoria, Napoleon III, and even Pope Leo XIII had them in their palaces! Because of this, they became a synonym for elegance and royalty. People started asking for them in their weddings and important events.

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After being used in the famous Kennedy wedding, Chiavari chairs became indispensable for brides all over the world.

Chiavari chairs have been popular ever since! However, it was in 1953, after they were used in John and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding, that these became the quintessential event chairs. Today they are used in events like the Oscar’s, Grammy’s and weddings all around the world. Their classic and elegant appearance gives events exactly the right amount of sophistication which event planners love. Their airy design lets the tables and centerpieces be the center of attention. Although, they can also be embellished in a myriad of different ways.

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The airy design of the Chiavari chair makes table settings and centerpieces the focus.


Why do venues, halls, and rental companies LOVE Chiavari chairs?

Brides pretty much cemented Chiavari chairs as the most popular event chair in the world. However, event venues, banquet halls, and rental companies absolutely love these chairs too! Their stackability and narrow footprint –some superior quality Chiavari chairs come in at as little as 16.5 in at their widest point– along with the fact that they are always in demand make Chiavari chairs a perfect investment.

Good quality Chiavari chairs, especially those made out of resistant materials like metal, will stay in perfect conditions for years, even if they are stacked and transported on a weekly basis. These chairs’ narrow design, as well as the ability to be stacked, makes them perfect for storing the most amount of chairs possible in a small area. Transportation is also a cinch due to how lightweight these chairs are –aluminum Chiavari chairs can weigh in at as little as 5.6 lbs but stand up to as much as 1500 lbs!

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In the end, the Chiavari’s popularity is due not only to the people who have used them. They also have an elegant and convenient design. Brides and other event hosts love them! This is due to their looks and the comfort they provide for their guests. Venue and rental company owners prefer them thanks to their convenient design and their superior construction and durability.


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3 thoughts on “Everything you ever wanted to know about Chiavari Chairs!”

  1. I agree with you that the design and style of chiavari chairs are definitely elegant enough to have a good amount of versatility in usage. My fiance and I are finalizing some plans for our wedding, and one of the things we have left to plan is seating. Given their elegance along with your mention of how they have a narrow footprint, I think they would be the perfect option for our reception.

  2. You’re absolutely right, Finley! They’re a great option for any style and theme. The small footprint is something not many people think about when planning their seating, it sounds like you’re doing a really thorough job with planning.

    Congrats on the wedding and thanks for reading and commenting!

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