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Different chairs for different occasions

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It is impossible to plan event decoration without paying attention to the chairs; they bring comfort to your guests and can be easily incorporated into the theme. Depending on the special occasion, you must decide the type of chair that suits better.

Before making any event chair wholesale purchase you must consider which specific needs they must cover. This will help you to decide if you need one type or maybe more, also the how many of them you need.

Nowadays there are different types of event chairs for sale, if you are no familiarized with them you can check the following list with their main characteristics and uses:

  1. Chiavari Chairs

A timeless design piece, also our clients’ favorite. Our company offers different models to suit all the possible needs. Thanks to our materials (aluminum and steel) all the types of Chiavari Chairs are perfect for indoors and outdoors.

  • Classic: The original tribute to the Chiavari Chair. Besides of being timeless, it will be a long lasting investment, for the resistance of its materials (aluminum and steel).
  • Essential: Ideal for business specialized in rent. This Chiavari Chair wholesale is a major investment thanks to its versatility when it comes to all the possible colors of the cushions that can be attached.
  • Twisted: An innovation in design! It is ideal for venue owners that are looking for a classic Chiavari Chair with a baroque and elegant touch.
  • Affordable: Perfect for venues specialized in weddings and proms. It comes with a fixed cushion that made it comfortable for every occasion.
  • Kids: Specially made for the little ones in the events. It has the classic design of the Chiavari Chair, just in a small size!
  1. Versailles Chairs

Also known as Napoleon chair. Experts from One Kings Lane assure that its style “has its roots in the classics, a derivative of Neo-Classical style”. Despite its origins, this chair is perfect for venues that host classic and elegant weddings.

Just as the Chiavari Chair, it can be used for indoor and outdoor events thanks to our high quality materials.

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