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Everything You Need to Know About Your Event Chair Delivery

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You’ve answered our quiz, you’ve seen all our beautiful pictures, you chose the perfect color and are ready to recieve your event chairs! Now what? At The Chairville we want every step of the event chair buying process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we made this simple article to help you be ready to receive your delivery and unload it with the proper procedure.

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Picking up your order

In some cases it may be possible to pick up your merchandise, however this option is not available in all locations. To check if you can pick up your chairs call your sales representative and ask for this option.


Setting up the delivery


Once the order is ready and the payment is made, The Chairville will arrange the shipping. To do this, our representatives look for the most cost-effective option and pass it on to you. However, this means that all shipping quotes are only valid for a week from the date the quote is made.


To quote the shipping there are a couple of important details you need to tell your sales representative. The first of them is whether or not the address where your chairs will be delivered has an unloading deck or loading dock. The trucks on which our chairs are shipped are quite large and need an elevated dock to unload, therefore if your venue does not have an unloading dock or loading deck you need to request a liftgate service so that the pallets containing your chairs can be lowered to the ground.

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Another important piece of information to give your sales representative is weather your delivery address is located in a business or residential area. The large delivery trucks are not allowed to drive in residential areas, so arranging delivery is more difficult, although possible with an extra charge.


Expected delivery time

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Since The Chairville is not directly in charge for the delivery, we cannot guarantee a delivery date. However, you can ask for a guaranteed transit time, but this is an extra service that does require an extra fee. If you don’t need a guaranteed transit time, all the dates our sales representatives provide are estimates and can be subject to change.


During the delivery

Once the delivery truck arrives to your address there are a couple of things you need to be ready for. First of all, you need to have a way to unload the truck. Whether you’ve hired a liftgate service or don’t need one, you’ll still need to unload the chairs yourself. Truck drivers are not allowed to touch their cargo! The easiest way of doing this is using a forklift or pallet jack which you would need to rent. You would also need to have a licensed driver for the forklift. You can also unload the chairs by hand with the help of five or six of your strongest friends!

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But before you begin unloading the truck it is very important that you take pictures of the chairs inside. Once the doors are open –and before you move anything– take pictures of the chairs and the packaging. This is especially important if you find that anything looks damaged. These pictures allow you to make a claim in case anything was damaged during transit. Without them no claim can be made.

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Once you’ve inspected the packaged chairs and taken pictures you can sign the Bill of Lading or delivery receipt. If you’ve found any damage made to your chairs or to the packaging, write it on the Bill of Lading before signing.

After you’ve taken your pictures you can begin to unload your chairs and get them inside you venue! Remember not to leave any trash inside the truck since the shipping company will charge extra for the cleanup.


Unpacking your chairs

Once your chairs are inside your venue you can begin to unpack them. This is probably the most dangerous moment for your chairs! You might be tempted to use a sharp boxcutter or utility knife to remove the plastic wrap. Please be extremely careful when doing this since you might permanently damage your new chairs! Especially if your chairs have a fixed cushion. Try to cut as little as possible and mostly pull apart the packaging.


Once you’ve unpackaged the chairs inspect them and make sure everything is fine. If any of the caps or buttons have come lose or there are any signs of damage to your chairs, please take pictures to send back to our sales representatives. Once again, without pictures there can be no claim. Remember to contact The Chairville immediately if you find anything wrong with your delivery. Claims must be reported within 48 hours of the delivery!

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And that’s it!

Once you’ve taken pictures we would very much appreciate it if you could send them to us, even if the shipment was absolutely perfect. This helps us as we like to keep evaluating the shipping companies we work with. We hope that everything goes smoothly and you can continue to enjoy our event chairs or years to come!

Now that you’ve got your event chairs, learn about the best ways to set-up your space, or check out this article about promoting your event chairs online!

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