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Event chairs’ colors – the perfect one for your venue

Event chairs colors 768x431 - Event chairs' colors - the perfect one for your venue

When it’s time to buy event chairs for your venue, the numerous options, styles and colors might be a little overwhelming. Just keep in mind that the main goal is to choose a chair that complement your venue.

In this post we will help you sort through the different options and decide the best one for your event hall.

Starting from the beginning, you need to determine which type of chair will fit your events better. Here’s a post about the most popular chair styles.


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Credit: Punta Cana Party

If you have already decided the design, it’s time to choose a cohesive color palette that fits your venue to complete the overall atmosphere. When hosting weddings, one of the most important parts of these events is the decoration and color scheme, and chairs are important decor too! Your chairs’ color should be complementary to the event decor, but not distracting. Some of the most elegant and classic color combinations for chairs include gold and silver to give a special glow or mahogany to perfect match a classic styled space.


Choosing the right color – what to take into consideration

Most popular chair styles are available in a wide variety of colors and in every combination that you can imagine. If you don’t have any idea what to take into consideration when choosing the color for your chairs, we’ll help you out!

Your venue style. First, every venue has certain style, could be a very classic ballroom, a modern and vibrant event hall or a rustic fairy-tale outdoor space. In each case there is a color that will go perfectly along with the overall style. Gold and silver colored chairs have been the most popular and classy for years. If your venue is more a regal and elegant space, these are the perfect option. The Translucent chair is a great choice for a more modern and glamorous space giving a super stylish feel to a ceremony or reception. White fits perfectly in a more casual and chic setting, giving a fresh yet cozy and elegant feel.

Your space design. This is a key factor to help make this important decision. Use the colors already incorporated into your place as a guide, and complete them with chairs. The chosen chair should look like it belongs to give a consistent flow to the space. Mahogany chairs for example, will give the final touch to a more rustic styled venue.

Types of events. If you are hosting formal evening weddings, it´s more likely your venue to have Gold or even Black colored chairs. On the other hand if there are more relaxed daytime cocktail parties, neutral color as Ivory, White or Mocha will do the best impression for your guests. Silver colored chairs in this case could be a good choice for a more versatile use. 

Your customers. The vital part of your business are your clients, and by now, you should know what they’re looking for in a venue like yours. Are they looking for a classic charm? Or are they dreaming of an all-white affair? Something clever would be to give them what they want!


Charleston Event Center18 - Event chairs' colors - the perfect one for your venue
Credit: Charleston Event Center


How long will my event chairs last?

In The Chairville we have chairs that can be used both for indoor and outdoor spaces, treated with Premium UV paint which means that your chair with have less fading and discoloration!

Besides that, The Chairville gives you a 7 year warranty, which is unusual in the market. So, you could be sure that you are making the best decision buying with us, we have the best event chairs for you.


At The Chairville you can buy the perfect chair style for your venue in the color of your choice and create a great ambiance with any of our products!

Have you decided the color of your chairs yet? Let us know in the comments!



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