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Event Furniture for the Eco-Conscious Venue

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When looking for event furniture there are a lot of elements to keep in mind. Anything from style and color to durability and return on investment are important aspects that must be evaluated before making a decision. The newest one of these many details to keep in mind is how eco-friendly your event furniture is! Taking care of our environment is more important than ever! In this article we’ll go over the most important reasons why metal event chairs are the best choice for the eco-conscious venue.

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No waste

Since metal furniture is extremely durable and outlasts both wood and resin it creates zero waste! The quality and craftsmanship of metal event furniture and a timeless design are important qualities for durability. This is why the best choice will always be a metal chair when looking for the most eco-friendly option.

Metal furniture also lends itself to easy and quick repair. Metal chairs can be adjusted by using a simple mallet, and scratches in the paint are sprayed over with paint. These repairs mean that the chairs don’t have to be replaced like furniture made from other materials would have to be. This is another reason why metal chairs do not create waste.

Finally, if these chairs are to be disposed of for any reason, they are 100% recyclable! Most steel and aluminum is already made from recycled content. This means that metal event chairs can be recycled at any point.

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Lower carbon footprint

Most wholesale event chairs are produced in China, which means lower quality and huge carbon emissions on transport. Our metal event chairs are made in North America which leads to a higher standard of quality as well as a lot less carbon emissions created during transport. Less travel also means that our metal event chairs have a lower chance of being damaged in transit.


No harmful chemicals or fire retardants

A lot of furniture is treated with chemicals and fire-retardants without our knowledge. These chemicals can contain VOC’s. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, these are chemicals that become volatile in every-day circumstances and can be breathed in by anyone.

Metal furniture does not need to be treated with fire retardants since it is already fire resistant. Our metal chairs are free of VOC’s as the paint used on them statically clings to the metal and does not evaporate or become volatile.


As you can see, metal event furniture is by far the most eco-friendly choice! Our chairs are great for any venue, banquet hall or rental business that is worried about their carbon footprint. But, we also think about the health and well-being of their guests and staff. If you want to produce less waste, minimize your carbon emitions, and make sure that your furniture is the most eco-friendly on the market take a look at our website! Get the quality, durability and style you need at TheChairville.com

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