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“Event Management Technology For Dummies” is here

Chairville's Favorites

Event technology company Cvent has teamed up with Wiley Publishing to create a book for the event industry and we are thrilled!

For a while now, Dummies brand have released general interest topics books with useful information to get things done in a simplified way. And this time the event industry has benefited with the publication of the new book, Event Management Technology for Dummies.

Today technology is everywhere and this is the ultimate essentials guide. So if you can’t wait to find out exactly how to use event management technology to make bigger, better, and more profitable events … get your eBook here!

Do you think this resource will be helpful for your business? 

At The Chairville we want to help your event business grow, find out why our high quality products are perfect for you and be part of the long lasting celebration!

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