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Event Trends for 2018 — What Should You Expect?

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It’s never too early to start speculating about the next big thing in the events industry! If you’re always up to date with the most trendy event design ideas, it’s already time to start showing your clients the 2018 trends. We made this list to help you stay up to date with the latest styles and cool new trends for weddings, as well as conferences and all sorts of events.

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  1. Fine dining experiences on a budget

We all know that the whole point of an event is creating an unforgettable experience, and in 2018 the culinary part of said experience is going to be in the spotlight. From social gatherings to corporate events, food is always served and is a great excuse to network or simply have a good time.

  1. Personalized menus with local ingredients

Farm to table ingredients are going to be the most important element of each meal. They will be accompanied by locally brewed beers and signature cocktails! Couples getting married are also looking for a personalized and memorable menu that includes favorite childhood foods or elements from an important meal in their relationship.

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  1. Do away with the sit-down dinner

Another important trend is steering clear from sit down dinners and giving guests a lot more freedom to interact by offering small tasting menus and other bite-sized foods. Interactive food stations are also a great way to get your guests up and moving around and interacting with each other. Don’t forget to provide bar seating to keep guests comfortable!


  1. Fun and unique dinning alternatives

Event hosts are also looking for a way to make meals fun and more memorable and food trucks are a great way to do this! This option can be quite budget friendly, but you could also hire more than one food truck to give your guests options and variety.

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  1. Unique venues

All sorts of event hosts are looking for unique spaces to hold their gatherings. This includes anything from lofts and gardens to museums and old warehouses! Finding these sorts of spaces can make an event unforgettable and keep your clients coming back year after year.

  1. Juxtaposition of rustic and industrial styles

 Rustic events have been a thing for a while now. In 2018 the rustic style is going to be combined with industrial spaces to create a new, more modern feel for events! Try booking events in old warehouses. Maybe you can market your industrial style venue with a photoshoot including Crossback chairs and barnyard tables. Don’t be afraid to combine metallics with greenery or wood and metal finishes!

  1. Dreamy ethereal themes

The rustic style’s surreal cousin, ethereal themes are going to be big in 2018. Twinkle lights, fluffy clouds of tulle, and pastel colored florals are going to transform social events into dreamy landscapes. Help your clients live out their fairytale by finding a beautiful and unexpected venue and surrounding them with candlelight!

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  1. Mixing metals

This trend comes all the way from interior decorating to event planning! From the “everything copper” trend to mixing in gold and pewter elements along with lots of texture and shine. This trend is sure to make any event feel more glamorous.

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  1. Balloons, and lots of them!

Balloons are a great alternative for decoration, and we’ll be seeing them all over in 2018. They’re super versatile too! You can fill up the ceiling with them, use them in centerpieces, or create a great photo wall or arch.

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  1. Iridescent colors

You might think iridescent means intense and colorful, but Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman says otherwise. Think about pearlescent accent pieces that go from one pastel tone to the next depending on the angle you view it in. These shifting hues offer a whole new way of planning an event’s color scheme!

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What do you think?

Are there any trends you see in the horizon tha are not on our list? Let us know! Comment down below or message us on twitter or facebook. You migh also like out blog post about event venue design trends. 

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