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6 Reasons Why Your Events Business Should Be On Social Media!

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If your events business is not online, it basically does not exist. You probably already have a website, and maybe you even pay for advertisement on Google! But, are you on social media? Having a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or maybe even Pinterest is extremely important for any events centered business. Here are six reasons why you should get your events business on social media right now:

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  1. Drive traffic to your website!

Whether it’s a post on your business’ Facebook page or a video shared on YouTube or Reddit, social media will bring visits to your website! Sharing cool and innovative content, even if it’s just pictures of events you’ve planned or hosted, is a great way to get your name out there. Social media is a great platform for advertising for free.

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  1. You’ll find new clients and new clients will find you!

This is basically the long and short of it! Social media makes it a lot easier for clients to find your business and for your business to find new clients. Whether you decide to use paid promotions or stick with your normal business facebook page, a social media presence basically guarantees more clients.

  1. You can show off your work

Platforms such as Instagram or even Pinterest are great for creating online portfolio! Posting pics and videos of events you’ve planned or hosted can attract people who like your style of work. This means that possible clients will get to know your business and fall in love with the services you provide even before they get in contact!

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  1. Boost your SEO!

SEO is a very important aspect of any business. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically means appearing on pages like google or bing when clients search for you. Being active on several social media networks means appearing higher up on pages and being found by clients!

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  1. You can respond to questions immediately.

Social media lets you be in contact with your audience 24/7. This means that people interested in your services will be able to ask you questions. If you’re attentive they will receive your answers in seconds. Being able to answer questions quickly is great for event planners since it lets your possible clients know that you’re responsible and in constant communication!

  1. Build meaningful relationships with future clients!

Comments on your social media posts are also an awesome way to get new clients! If someone is interested in your work they will comment on a picture or status update. Here you can start a conversation with them! Once you have established a relationship with someone who follows you they’ll think about you immediately when they require your services! This also works for past clients since they can leave messages and reviews about your work. 


What do you think? Are you creating your profiles right now? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll give you a follow to get you started!

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