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How to style crossback chairs?

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Crossback —or X-Back— chairs are a great and relatively new alternative to the classic Chiavari chairs. With their Tuscan-inspired design, they’re often referred to as “rustic”. They always add a touch of elegance to any event. In this article, we’ll talk about the many different ways these versatile chairs can be styled and used for any occasion!


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  • Inside or outside?

With its beautiful clean lines and rustic feel, the Crossback chair is perfect for outdoor events. Weddings held in vineyards, orchards, farms or backyards go perfectly with the Crossback’s style. When used in dark tones this chair adds elegance and formality to outdoor events. Crossback chairs also work wonderfully for beachside weddings when used in lighter tones reminiscent of driftwood.

That being said, Crossback chairs also work nicely for weddings held indoors be it in barns, tents or even just paired with farmhouse tables! Using these chairs without linens lends a relaxed feel to your events. Going the other way and choosing a contrasting tablecloth on a round table gives the arrangement a more formal touch without it being too stuffy.


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No matter the venue or setting, Crossback chairs always fit in perfectly with a rustic style.


  • With or without cushions?

Either way, these Tuscan-style chairs look great, so it all depends on what you want. A light colored cushion on a darker Crossback creates a lighter feel while still keeping the overall look warm and inviting.

On the other hand, a dark colored cushion on a dark tone chair may be a little too much formality. However, if you’re planning on a longer ceremony this might be the way to go. If that’s not the case, Crossback chairs look beautiful sans cushion and have a more minimalist and rustic feel to them.

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The perfect balance between warmth and formality.


  • Decorations

The X shape at the back of a Crossback chair is perfect for hanging flowers or greenery to spruce up the seating at a ceremony. It also creates a perfect backdrop for signage at the sweetheart table!

There are hundreds of different ways to customize these chairs and make them into exactly what you want for your events. The options range from simple minimalist greenery tied to the side to over the top bows and flower arrangements draped over a whole row of chairs!

There are so many possibilities that we will publish another article only about decorations! That being said, these beautiful chairs also look amazing on their own be it for ceremonies or receptions.


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