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How to take care of your Chiavari chairs

How to take care of your Chivari chairs

In the event industry, one of the most important investments is buying furniture for your business, and you should always invest in high-quality products. Buying metal Chiavari chairs will assure you to have the most durable furniture available.

Here at The Chairville, we sell the highest quality Chiavari chairs on the market, but even the best chairs need a little bit of maintenance after a hectic events season. In this post, we teach you what you need to know to ensure having your Chiavari chairs looking perfect. Keep reading!


How to have your Chiavari chairs always ready?


  1. Always clean

If you want your Chiavari chairs to look always attractive, the best practice is to clean them after every event. You just need to wipe it down with a wet towel, this will save you time when you want to use them again.

We know that sometimes it’s difficult to do this every single time, especially if you have a very dynamic venue. In this case, a thorough cleaning to your Chiavari Chairs stock every two months will do the job.


  1. Inspect and separate

Check all your chairs and make sure they are in excellent condition. One great characteristic of the Chiavari metal chairs is that you will never have to do repairs such as loose joints, screws replacement or filling cracks.

However in case some of them need a paint retouch or any other minor adjustment, separate them to make the necessary reparation later.


  1. Repair

Buying at The Chairville you can be sure you will have Chiavari chairs made for indoor and outdoor use, rust-resistant and treated with great quality paint. That’s why you will save a lot of maintenance time making it a long-lasting investment.

The most common repair issue you will have with our chairs are just scratches or maybe small blemishes. These issues are very easy to fix using our painting retouch kit: just sand softly the damaged surface, clean with a dry cloth, cover the surfaces around and apply the paint, after that, you will have your chairs looking brand new.

You can see our instructional paint retouch video here.


  1. Cover your chairs

Once you have you Chiavari chairs ready, it is time to maintain them flawless until the next big event, and the best thing you can do is to use The Chairville protective chair covers, made to fit perfectly and to protect your chairs from dust and any other damages.


  1. Storage

If your chairs will be stored at a warehouse or will be frequently transported (as for rental business), it is important to always stack only the recommended amount of chairs (7 Chiavari chairs) to prevent a chair to fall and get damaged.

Chiavari Stacked WhiteBackground - How to take care of your Chiavari chairs

Have your chairs always event ready!


If you follow these recommendations your chairs will be in great condition for years and provide an extended service life.

Remember that the main characteristic for a chair to last relies on the quality of its materials, paint, and design.

At The Chairville, we are experts in Chiavari Chairs manufacturing. For over 20 years we have brought our customers high-quality and durable chairs. Buy with us and be part of the long-lasting celebrations.

Any questions or doubts about your Chiavari Chairs?

Contact us, we can help you! 🙂

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