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New Cross Back Metal Chair

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In the past year, the cross back chairs (read also crossback chairs), also known as x back chair, pilgrim chair, farm chair or french provincial chair, had been making a serious comeback, this chair is very versatile and can be used in both rustic/farm and formal settings. They make a perfect elegant style for any event.

So, if you don’t already have a selection of cross back chairs in your rental inventory or event venue, you might start considering them as your next investment.

We at The Chairville, as metal event chairs specialists, have come out with a unique metal version of this beautiful chair that now is part of our wholesale event chairs catalog. As we have learned in our 35 years of experience, metal is alway synonym of the best quality, so we have added the quality and durability that you are looking for when you are searching new items for your business.

sillas 1 - New Cross Back Metal Chair
Crossback chair comes in 7 different frame colors, mocha, mahogany, black, golden, silver, white and ivory.


Our Cross Back Chairs (X Back Chairs) comes in 7 different frame coloring options, including silver, mocha, mahogany, black, ivory, white and golden, with vinyl cushions available. Don’t miss our introductory price, ask for the wholesale event chairs pricing, order your free samples so you can experience the quality before making any decision.

Our sales representatives are happy and ready to answer your questions,  contact us today 1 888 253 0956

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