Eco-Friendly Tips for Venue Owners

How to Plan and Host an Eco-friendly Event!

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       With all the concerns about our environment, everyone is looking to go green. From corporations to wedding planners, people are aiming towards having the most eco-friendly event possible. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle when planning or coordinating an event! Keep on reading to find out some simple and effective ways to make your events super eco-friendly and your carbon footprint smaller.

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Use greener lighting

Of course, the most effective way to go greener with lighting is using natural light. If your venue has a lot of windows or an outdoor space, try booking events during daylight hours. Although this is the most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s also not very convenient.

Choose led bulbs

Energy efficiency is one of the most important things to keep in mind when looking to go green. In the events industry, led lighting is your best bet. Led bulbs are super energy-efficient since they convert almost 80% of the electricity they consume into light. (Regular light bulbs only convert about 10% of the electricity they use into light, the rest is given off as heat.) Led lights are great for both stage lighting as well as ambient light or even string lights!

Pick greener candles

Other commonly used light sources in events –especially weddings– are candles. Most candles are made out of cheap paraffin wax. This wax releases an unbelievable amount of pollution into the atmosphere when burnt or melted. Change your normal paraffin wax candles to more eco-friendly soy wax mixed with beeswax. This small change can astonishingly reduce your carbon footprint.

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Re-use as much as possible!

Reusing is one of the pillars of ecology, you can’t host a green event without it! Using washable cutlery and dishware is one of the most important things you can do. But, there are some extra details you can add to make your venue extra green.

Provide re-useable straws

Re-useable straws are a great way to reduce your waste. Plastic straws take a surprisingly long time to produce, and even longer to decompose. A common straw is only used for minutes before being disposed of and ending up in a landfill or the ocean for years! Metal or glass straws are a great alternative to plastic ones. They are taste neutral, hypoallergenic, and great for cold beverages. You could also use bamboo or even ice straws for some events!

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Provide non-disposable material for recurring events

If you’re planning a corporate event and you either host it every year or look forward to doing so, consider creating re-useable branded elements such as signs and banners. If you are not sure of hosting or planning the event again create recyclable and compostable material. This includes signs and banners, but also linens, menus, welcome packets, schedules and other materials that are usually printed.

Eco-friendly decor

One of the most important elements that sets an event apart is the ambiance created through décor. This is especially important for weddings and other social events, but it can be equally as relevant for conferences and meetings.

Decorate with live  greenery

Live greenery is the best choice for the eco-conscious venues and planners! They can be re-used, donated to an NGO, or even given to attendees as gifts. Small potted plants such as succulents and orchids, or even terrariums make for beautiful and eco-friendly centerpieces. (For inspiration check out this Pinterest board)

eco friendly event decor - How to Plan and Host an Eco-friendly Event!eco conscious event decor - How to Plan and Host an Eco-friendly Event!


Use metal furniture

One of the most important investments an event venue or rental business can make is buying their own event furniture. For this reason, making sure that this investment is eco-friendly is a priority. The most eco-conscious choice out there is metal furniture. Its longevity along with its recyclability makes metal event furniture the top choice for eco-conscious venue. Learn more about this by reading this article.

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Help your guests help the planet!

There is no point in hosting an eco-friendly event if your guests can’t go green as well! Make sure you properly labeled provide recycling stations for waste. Also, a good idea to help guests reduce waste is providing all normally printed information via e-mail or in a USB drive.

Another important way of reducing carbon emissions is picking up VIP guests in eco-friendly cars. You can also provide the number for a green car rental service for people coming from out of town.

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Following all of these guidelines will ensure that your event is as green as possible! Remember, helping out planet in this critical moment is super important. Check out our other articles about sustainability and going green in the events and hospitality industries.

Also, let everyone know what you’re doing to make your business more eco-friendly in the comments! Remember to like and share this post on social media so that other people can learn how to make their events eco-friendly and we can all help our planet together.

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