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Quality or price when buying event chairs?

Event chairs

When seeking event chairs, you will notice there are a variety of purchase options and several materials to choose from. Probably you have asked yourself if it is better to invest in quality or obtain a better price since these two factors will affect your Return on Investment.Chiavari Stacked WhiteBackground - Quality or price when buying event chairs?

About price…

On the market, you could find cheap event chairs, but you need to know the low price is only at the beginning.

When you buy wood chairs, after the buy you will have to invest in recurrent maintenance to make sure the chair’s screws are not loose or the chair itself is not cracking. You want your customers to seat and be comfortable.

On the other hand, the aluminum and steel chairs will increase the benefit you will get out of them as they are ready to be used when you receive them. The main benefits you will get while relying on welded products include the low maintenance required decreasing the need for extra labor from your staff having them focus on what your venue needs!

However, if you opt for a cheap event chair even if it’s made of steel the resistance and load capacity will not be the same, and chances are these chairs won’t be corrosion resistant limiting its time of usage. Cheap things can turn out more expensive in the end.

Quality matters

The most important feature you should seek for in event chairs is endurance. As your chairs will be part of every event you host, you must get a long lasting product that will assure a longer time of usage decreasing your monetary investment.

Steel and aluminum chairs have a better resistance than any other material and getting a 100% welded steel or aluminum product will assure you a great strength capacity. You must make sure the chairs you select have the appropriated covering to be corrosion resistant, this way they will increase the time of usage.

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Get them both!

As you can see the quality-price ratio is essential to get the best Return On Investment. If you want to make the best purchase decision we recommend you to get the best quality on the market at the best price. At The Chairville we assure you that you will get both!

The Chairville offers wholesale pricing for event and banquet chairs. We have unbeatable prices because our business is helping your business to save money.

When buying our 100% welded products you won’t have to spend money to make adjustments to your chairs, and the most important, you won’t have to buy chairs again in years because we offer a unique 7 YEAR guarantee, while the wood chairs offer usually 2 year warranty average, this demonstrates how sure we are about our high-quality event chairs.

Contact us and ask for a free sample! We assure you that you will be satisfied.

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