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Reads we love - Reads we love

On this section you will find the top readings of the week that will help your event business grow; also useful information to make the best of your Chiavari Chairs wholesale investment.

“It’s about so much more than just the color of the linens or arrangement of the centerpieces–inspiring, shared experiences are more meaningful and memorable and help people connect on a deeper level, and more and more planners are considering this…” Find more advices like this in the annual list of biggest destination management companies.

If you are starting out as an event planner, you must take a look at this Toolkit for Successful Events

Need ideas to mix-and-match all of your Chiavari Chairs? Check out this lovely guide to have a tabletop detailed to perfection!

This week was all about elegance with our Versailles Chair Special: Find everything you need to know about this chair: From its relationship with Dior to the definite guideline for buying wedding chairs wholesale.

Finally, if you are looking for unusual event planning tips… read these ones inspired by Beyoncé lyrics.

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