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Real vs Fake Aluminum Event Chairs | Are You Getting the Real Thing?

blog portada realvsfakealuminum 1 - Real vs Fake Aluminum Event Chairs | Are You Getting the Real Thing?

Lately, we’ve noticed a couple of low priced aluminum event chairs have popped up on the market. We found the low price tag a tad suspicious since aluminum has always been an expensive material.

 Its ability to resist rust along with its light weight make aluminum the perfect material for event furniture. However, it comes at a higher price than wood, resin or even normal steel! This is why we decided to investigate how some retailers were able to sell aluminum chairs for $20 or even $10 dollars! Here’s what we found out:

These event chairs weren’t really made from aluminum!

That’s right, these supposedly “aluminum” chairs are not made from aluminum at all! Some just have the word in the title, but the description only states “metal” as the material.  Others say that they’re made 100% out of aluminum but, when you place a magnet near them, you can see that they are magnetic.

IMG 9327 - Real vs Fake Aluminum Event Chairs | Are You Getting the Real Thing?

How can you tell the difference between real and fake aluminum event chairs?

There are a lot of different ways to differentiate aluminum from other types of metals. However, most p these tests are disruptive and require damaging your chairs to find out. The most used test is performed by using a high powered tool to scratch your chairs and see if they produce a spark!

One of the easiest ways of telling real aluminum apart is this magnet test. Since aluminum is not magnetic, the magnet, no matter how strong, will not stick to it. In fact, it will have a very interesting reaction about which you can learn in this interesting video.

The best way of knowing if an event chair is actually made from aluminum when buying wholesale online is quite simply “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!” We’re working on a video to demonstrate the differences between real and fake aluminum event chairs, but for now, we hope you can perform this test on your own chairs and let us know what you find out! Follow us on facebook, twitter, and Instagram and send us videos of your own magnet tests!

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