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Reasons to avoid wood Chiavari Chairs

Avoid wood chiavari chairs wholesale - Reasons to avoid wood Chiavari Chairs

Wood is a common material used to manufacture Chiavari Chairs wholesale, but prior to investing in them it is beneficial to analyze the disadvantages they may have in the future.

By looking and comparing the quality and features of you Chiavari Chairs wholesale materials you assure a smart investing that will save you time and money in your future events. In this article we will explain you the possible disadvantages wood Chiavari Chairs might have:

  1. They have less versatility

Wood Chiavari Chairs are associated with the vintage style, which makes it difficult to pair them with modern and elegant decoration. This does not happen with metal chairs because of its versatility and polished look.

  1. They need maintenance and care

Wood Chiavari Chairs may look great in the first years, but as time goes by stains and scratches become visible and they are difficult to remove. Also the material gets darker and varnishing will be needed.

  1. They are not eco-friendly

According to Conserve Energy Future (CEF): “Wood based industries like paper, match-sticks, furniture etc. need a substantial amount of wood supply. Wood is used as fuel both directly and indirectly, therefore trees are chopped for supplies.”

This is not an issue with metal chairs because trees do not need to be chopped for their construction.

  1. They are less resistant

The outer surface of wood Chiavari Chairs can be easily scratched or damaged by any sharp object more easily than other types of materials like metal.

  1. Natural elements affect them

They are not a smart investing if you are planning to have outdoor events because sun rays, moisture and temperature might affect the color and texture of wood.

  1. Storage may be an issue

Wood can attract insects and it is important to check the storage place regularly when you have Chiavari Chairs made with this material.

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