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Secrets to a Successful Event Venue Business

Secrets to a successful event venue business

For a business owner, usually, it takes years of trial and error to succeed. You learn to be prepared, work hard and learn from your mistakes. However, everything has changed and we have been shaping the way to do business today.

Identity, clients, market … everything can seem a little bit confusing sometimes. If you are seeking some good advice, keep reading, we have for you the best secrets from experts and online community to help you grow a successful business! 

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Find your identity 

… And be great at something, standout!

Get known by the fact that you’re the company that specializes in large weddings, or be ultra fast, or whatever fits your business identity. Don´t be afraid to be labeled, and with every event, you should reinforce the identity that distinguishes your business. The market will know about you and that is a key to success.


 “The easier it is for someone to understand who you are and what you stand for, the easier it will be for that person to spread the word to others.” – Blake Mycoskie


Be sure to have qualified staff

Invest in training your workforce. The service you offer will be speaking for your business, and the better your staff fulfill the requirements of your customer, a better response you will have from your market.

Having well-trained staff will give a key element to adopt the right strategies to boost productivity and growth.


Give one point of contact

When approaching venues, clients often have to shuffle through multiple people of the same venue to find an answer, and that’s exhausting.

You should make sure to give only ONE point of contact that will make everything as efficient as possible and will save your client’s time. The point of contact, should be a person with good networking skills, personable nature and basically someone who gets enjoyment out of meeting, talking and connecting with people.

By doing this, you have the opportunity to cultivate the important relationship between your company and your client!


Act like a partner, not a supplier

As a venue owner, you must know that most of the time you and your staff will be intimately involved with strangers at a stressful, chaotic and probably emotionally charged point in their life. Be able to develop valued relationship, let them know that they are valued and appreciated.  Be present, your attitude can signal whether you value them and you care about their event or view them as mere business.

To foster this relationship, the venue staff should be eager to please and create an awesome event.


Be honest with yourself and your clients

Catering services, audio/visual equipment, event planner, florist … sometimes you can’t do it alone. Be honest and offer ONLY the amenities you can really supply, and be ready to recommend local partners who can complement your offering. Establish business relationships with local suppliers you can trust. You can even negotiate with them a better price for your clients and give that little extra!

Don’t be afraid to engage others and invest time in what you really do best.


Put everything in writing

When a client gets excited is easy to miss out some points discussed. Don’t rely on ‘handshake agreements’, always write these points to reiterate and clarify any question and to avoid any miscommunication or confusion further down the line. That way, if a problem appears, you will be able to refer to your earlier papers to resolve any issues.


Show what you got

Pictures paint a thousand words, and taking photos is an excellent way to show what you have to offer. If you have the budget hire a professional photographer, they will be more clued into the kind of photos required to show off the best of your venue. Be sure to cover all bases like a snap of the full room, photos of the architectonic details, something you should stand out and of course photos of attendees enjoying themselves!


Get Online                                                    

Most everyone is online son meet them where they are.

Upload photos of your venue, show the success of your events, share relevant posts for your clients and update your social media frequently. Being present on the internet, either on social media or by mail, will allow you to connect with more people and that means, more clients.


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Credit: Charleston Event Center


Now that you know some of the most important tips of the industry, if you want to lead your small business to success, you should take action!


And a bonus secret for you…

Incorporate a good accountant and attorney, is essential to have someone who will be able to advise you on cash flow and tax implications and also someone who advise you on your contracts, liability, insurance, indemnity, cancellation clauses, etc.


At The Chairville we are ready to help you grow your business!

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Let us be part of your success.



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