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The Best Way to Store Your Event Chairs

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You’ve bought event chairs for your venue, awesome! They probably looked great in that event you ordered them for and you’re looking forward to using them again next weekend for that gorgeous wedding you have booked. But now it’s time to put everything away and keep the space clean. So… what now? Do you stack your chairs? Do you cover them with anything? Do you even have a space that can fit all of them? Relax, we have you covered (see what we did there?)! We’ll answer all your questions step by step.

space to store chiavari chairs - The Best Way to Store Your Event Chairs

Can I stack my party chairs? How High? How much storage space do I need?

Each of The Chairville’s Chiavari chairs is about 3 feet high and takes up 2ft2 of space. This means that, at an event, these chairs will take up less space and allow for more guests in your venue. When storing you can absolutely stack even if they have an attached cushion.

When stacking Chivari chairs we recommend you limit each stack to 7 chairs. This means that for 100 chairs you will need space to store 14 stacks. Each stack takes up about 2.5 ft2 and is approximately 7ft tall. The normal ceiling height in the US is 9ft, so there’s no problem there and any room will probably do. You’ll also need a space with 35 ft2 available for storage. This means that a room about the size of the average bathroom or a large closet can house 100 chairs!

A 7*5ft storage room or shed would be ideal, but you could also rent a small to medium storage unit. A storage unit sounds a little counter intuitive since the whole point of owning your chairs is keeping all the profits, right? However, you should consider that you would only pay about $40 per month (depending on the state you live in) which is a lot cheaper than renting chairs every weekend!

space to store event chairs - The Best Way to Store Your Event Chairs

Should my storage space have any special characteristics?

You might have a lot of open space outside where you can keep your chairs, but don’t even think about it! Continued exposure to water and sunlight along with the rough use that event chairs normally get means that, no matter the material or durability of your chairs, they will get damaged. Always store your chairs at least under a roof, but preferably in a closed space where water and sunlight can’t damage them.

How do I make sure that my chairs stay in top condition?

Whether you’re stacking your chairs or keeping them permanently set up, the best way to keep them looking good as new is using chair covers or jackets. When stacking chairs, these covers protect against scratches and bump, and when the chairs stay out the covers are great for keeping dust and debris off of them. This means less cleaning and less overall maintenance. That’s why we always 100% recommend buying chair covers for storage!

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What about cushions?

As said before, if your chairs have a fixed cushion you can stack them, howver only 6 chairs high.Don’t worry about any small dents in the cushions! They will bounce back in no time.

If your chairs have removable cushions the best option is to place them into large plastic bags. Try to find bags that can be closed to protect the, from dust and water. These bags can be placed on top of the chair stacks to save space.

What’s the best way to transport my chairs?

If you got your chairs to be able to rent them out, you probably include transportation in the deal! To safely transport event chairs the best choice is buying a dolly or chair cart. These carts are great for moving the stacks of chairs around while also being able to load them into a truck for transportation safely. You can also use plastic wrap to secure your stacks of chairs tightly together, this helps stop them from toppling over during transit and is also quick and simple to unpack. You should also, of course, always transport your chairs in their covers.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!

We hope we cleared up any doubts you might’ve had about storing your party chairs between events. If there’s anything you still need to know please comment your questions below! We answer every single comment and would love to hear your tips for keeping storing and caring for event furniture.


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