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Summer event trends

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What are the biggest event trends this season?

Trends come and go, The Chairville Chairs are timeless. Still, it is important to keep up with the most important tendencies of the industry to understand what people are looking for, look in Pinterest .

The most important things to know about event trends is that they change with the seasons, some stay for the years to come and some others are strictly temporary. They are closely related to entertainment, technology and décor trends. Finally, not everyone cares about them because any event is more about what the person wants rather than what the rest is doing.

Considering this, here are the major event trends for this summer:

  1. Décor: It’s all about nature!

If you have no idea about what are the hottest colors to decorate a Chiavari Chair. QC Event School specialist Mireille Pitre states that earthy tones are emerging as the palette of choice for event décor, with high emphasis on shades of blue (hues like cerulean and dusk blue). Another big trend is neutral colors like blushing pink, toasted almond, sandstone, sage green, or lavender.

Hornblower Cruises & Events specialists explain that event décor has become more sustainable and consumable foods and beverages are being incorporated as décor in events.

  1. Entertainment : Relax in our chairs and enjoy the show

Nahid Farhoud from Wedding Elegance by Nahid thinks entertainment is the new big trend to watch: “[It] is really becoming important lately—from mimes to human statues that interact with guests to Cirque de Soleil to Mexican Dancers (…) Some of my clients are even flying in the musicians or the entertainers from other states or other countries. ”

  1. Technology: Think apps and Wi-Fi

There are two important trends rising: Event Mobile Apps and Wi-Fi. According to Horn Blower New York there are countless vendors providing apps and more events implementing them. The challenge? Ensure that attendees download it. With the app trend comes the necessity to provide Wi-Fi that is strong enough.

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