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The definite guideline for buying wholesale Versailles wedding chairs

Versailles Special 2 - The definite guideline for buying wholesale Versailles wedding chairs

What should you look for before you invest in wholesale wedding chairs?

The Versailles or Napoleon Chair is an iconic piece of event furniture; its roots can be traced back to the nineteenth century and it was Christian Dior’s favorite. Nowadays it is very popular when it comes to wedding chairs wholesale, but what exactly should you look for before you invest in wholesale Versailles wedding chairs?

To answer the previous question we made a guideline of the five key points you should revise

  1. Think about what you need

In order to make a smart investment you should know what you are looking for and analyze your options. If you are looking for affordable, yet classy and elegant, wedding chairs the Versailles is definitely a great choice because its design will always be in style. Another good option would be Chiavari Chairs.

  1. Invest in high-quality

Do not rush during the choosing process; otherwise you will make the wrong choice. Avoid buying cheap furniture with no warrantee, if you are planning to do so consider you will need to replace the chairs in a short time. This means a double expense.

Instead look for North American manufacturers, with a long warranty (The Chairville offers the longest in the market).

  1. Opt for metals, avoid wood and resin

Again: Look for the best quality, because it is synonym of a long term investment. Our metal chairs are painted with powder coating; this makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor events. They are also lighter, which makes the setting easier and more efficient. Avoid wood chairs (they are heavier) and resin ones (they are fragile).

  1. Consider your space

If you are going to store or rent your event chairs they should be easy to stack and light enough to move them easily. Our Versailles Chairs are perfect for this, they require less handling and up to six chairs can be stacked. We also offer protective chair covers to guard your chairs from dust or scratches while they are in storage.

  1. Review the construction

Look for a one-piece chair! Avoid possible future complications. Both, the Versailles and the Chiavari Chairs, are shipped as one piece and are 100% welded; this assures no assembly or adjustments required.

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