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The story of how the Chiavari Chair was born

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Almost everyone in the event-planning business knows the Chiavari Chair as the perfect piece of elegance and functionality. But not everyone knows the story of its origin, which goes back to the nineteenth century….

The activity of carpentry in Chiavari developed during the sixteenth century, period in which the city constituted one of the most important centers of wood exportation in the region. Unlike the carpenters of Genova, his work never turned into a corporation; nevertheless the trade was promoted as an artistic tradition with autonomy from the rest of the country.

Within the multiple craftsmen of Chiavari’s region, Giuseppe Cayetano Descalzi, known as “il Campanino,” was outlined for his singular constructive technique. His remarkable skill was the result of many years of hard work inside his workshop.

He became truly famous in 1807 when the Marquis Stefano Rivarola, governor of Chiavari for the Republic, return from a trip to Paris and brought a light-weight chair back with him. The Marquis asked the local carpenters to make a copy that could be its equal in finesse and lightness.

Descalzi managed to reproduce the chair with modifications that improved it. That is how the Chiavari Chair was born, back in those days it was also called chiavarina or campanina honoring its author,

Thanks to this event, the dream of the Economic Society of establishing a handcrafted manufacture capable of producing good-quality objects of easy reproduction became true.

The production process has changed over the centuries, but the perfect knowledge and understanding of good-quality and elegance remains as an essential component of every Chiavari Chair from The Chairville.

True to Descalzi legacy, we have improved the chair functionality without altering its essence. We produce high-quality Chiavari Chairs made of aluminum and steel to increase the product benefits. These materials make the chair eco-friendly, easier to handle and warrantee an excellent Return On Investment (ROI) to our clients because the chair lasts a lifetime.