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What are Tiffany Chairs? — Everything you need to know

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When entering the events industry for the first time there are a couple of terms you might hear a lot even though you might not be quite sure what they mean. One of these might be “Tiffany chairs”. Sure, you might think these chairs —also called “Chiavari chairs”— are just another seating option for events! But Tiffany or Chiavari chairs are a lot more than that. When you’re done reading this article you’ll be as in love with them as every one else in the events industry!

What are Tiffany Chairs?

Basically, these chairs are the most popular seating option in the events industry. They were first designed 1807 in Italy, which is why they’re also called Chiavari chairs after the region of Italy where they were made.

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Tiffany chairs are actually the most popular wedding chairs in the entire world! This happened because they were seen in all the press images from John and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding in 1953.

Kennedy Wedding with Chiavari Chair - What are Tiffany Chairs? — Everything you need to know
“Bride and bridegroom finally sit down to lunch after the long, wearying ordeal of the receiving line. Jacqueline, whose wedding dress contained 50 yards of material, adjusts veil while her senator husband starts right in on fruit cup.”

Why are Tiffany Chairs so popular?

The event’s industry seems to be obsessed with Tiffany Chairs, and for good reason! Their simple and stylish design is perfect for any event. They’re back is specially important since the gaps in the backrest let event decor shine through. But these chairs aren’t only perfect for your clients, they’re great for your business as well!

Events businesses love Tiffany Chairs due to their lightweight design and how easy they are to store. If you choose a high-quality, light-weight Tiffany Chair you’ll be able to transport them with ease. Plus, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear!

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Why should you own Tiffany Chairs?

The answer to this question is quite simple: they’re a great investment for any events business! Tiffany chairs always in demand, and you might even win over clients by providing your own. You can also decide to rent them out whenever you won’t be using them with your own clients. This means that Tiffany chairs can provide an extra source of revenue for you and your business!

As you can see, Tiffany or Chiavari chairs are the most requested event seating for a reason. Find your perfect Tiffani or Chiavri chairs at TheChairville.com

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