Tips for buying Chiavari chairs Wholesale

Tips for choosing the right event chairs for sale

Versailles Special 3 - Tips for choosing the right event chairs for sale

Are you planning to buy wedding chairs wholesale? Check out our guide to make a long lasting investment with the right type of chair.

Mehmet Murat once said: “Empty chairs are not empty in reality; memories always sit there.” That is why event chairs are so important; they are part of unforgettable moments. They can also help to enhance the elegance of any special occasion; from a wedding to a prom.

Considering their importance, it is essential to decide the right chair style. The most popular event chairs for sale are: the Chiavari or Tiffany Chair, and the Versailles or Napoleon Chair.

The final question is: Which is the right chair for your event? The Chiavari or the Versailles Chair?

Versailles Chairs

The Versailles is also known as Napoleon Chair. It is perfect for venues because it makes all the events look glamorous and elegant; it is very popular for weddings thanks to its classic design. It is a good option for rental, because it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Choose it if: You are a venue owner specialized in weddings or you are looking to start a rental business.

Chiavari Chairs

Our clients’ favorite! It is also called Tiffany Chair. The Chairville Chiavari line has a wide variety of products for every need you can think of. All the models have a classic design with a special touch that makes them unique, combined with the best and most resistant materials.

It is also highly recommended rental thanks to its weightlessness.

Choose it if: You are a venue owner and are planning to host all type of events. Also if you are in the rental business,


Our Versailles and Chiavari Chairs are elegant and long lasting investments. Thanks to the high quality materials they are made with (aluminum and steel) they bring comfort, style and meaning to any space.

They can be used for indoor and outdoor events and their colors are adaptable to any scheme. Also, they are very popular for rental business because they are shipped in one piece; this means the owner does not have to worry about assembling or adjusting screws. Finally, both have the longest warranty in the market.

Choose them if: You are planning to mix-and-match or if you have a venue with areas for different uses.

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