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Top 5 Fall 2017 Event Decor Trends!

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   Can you feel a chill in the air and smell that faint delicious aroma of pumpkin spice? We can too! Autumn is almost here, and we want you to be ready with all the details trending in the events industry for this season. Fall is definitely the best season for event planning and these new fall event decor trends just make it even better!

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  1. Pumpkins everywhere!

We started to see a little bit of this trend last year and it’s coming back in full swing! Pumpkins as centerpieces, lighting fixtures, even as planters filled with succulents! This fall staple is going to be your best friend for decorating your fall events.

Try spray painting a large pumpkin in white and hand lettering the table number on it. You can also paint smaller pumpkins and place them in a nice wood crate surrounded by greenery to create a very chic all centerpiece.

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  1. Pair a light pastel color with a bold deep tone to create the perfect fall color palette

Pantone announced its fall colors a while back and they were dead on. The beautiful pastel or more neutral tones can be paired perfectly with the rest of the darker colors! If you can pick your favorites out of these beautiful tones, choosing your color palette will be a breeze.

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  1. Donuts, donuts, and more donuts

Donut walls are THE dessert of the season! These delicious finger foods don’t only keep your guests’ sweet tooth satisfied, they make for a fun accent wall that will get everyone talking! Create your donut wall with some sturdy boards and wooden pegs or metal hooks. You can also use a pre-made peg board, just slap a nice coat of paint on it first! Keep your donut selection colorful or maybe even have some custom donuts made with your event colors in mind.

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  1. Greenery is still huge

Green foliage has been the signature for trendy event décor this year, and fall is no different. Keep on packing your centerpieces with leafy plants! However, remember to add pops of color. Some deep burgundy flowers look beautiful when paired with lush greenery! You could also throw some of those spray-painted pumpkins we talked about in the mix for a more whimsical look. Here’s a great DIY tutorial to make your own!

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  1. Textures are in!

Anything from velvet to woven baskets and wicker, textures are one of the most important décor elements you can use this fall. Even the subtle texture of linen tablecloths can go a long way to making your event look chic and natural. Even though you can use textures in elements like light fixtures and centerpieces, try bringing them closer to your guests. The whole point is providing an experience for all the senses, and being interesting to the touch is part of the appeal of textured décor! So cushions, drapery, and even tablecloths are great places to add textures!  

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The most important part of planning an event is making sure it stands out. These top 5 trends are sure to make your fall event unforgettable! Remember to follow our blog for weekly event industry updates and the best décor ideas for every season! Check out more event décor ideas here.

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