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Versailles Chairs | Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

versailles event chairs

There are plenty of styles of event chairs to choose from! Each one has its great features and adds to the atmosphere you want to create. Today we’re discussing the story and features of the Versailles chair. This is a beautifully designed seating option with a great history behind it!

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Where does the Versailles chair come from?

This chair design was created with inspiration from the style and decoration from renaissance era France. This period —called Napoleon III or Second Empire style—was full of high-quality decorations and textiles inspired by a variety of different time periods. The Versailles chair itself was based on the furniture created for Marie Antoinette with its exquisite decorations and luxurious look. This chair has changed throughout the years, but it is still a symbol of royalty and elegance.

Later, in 1947, Christian Dior acquired a series of gold Versailles chairs for his boutique in Paris. These chairs were so iconic that they even inspired his design of the Miss Dior handbag. Seeing these chairs in Dior’s couture fashion shows made people want them in their own events. This is when people started manufacturing, selling and renting Versailles chairs as event chairs.

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Where should you use Versailles chairs?

As a seating option, Versailles chairs represent luxury and elegance. They’re normally sought after for elegant high-end events. They’re not at all as common as Chiavari chairs, which means that they also add a sense of uniqueness and personality to any event. You should also consider the venue since these chairs go a lot better with a baroque style than in an industrial space.

This chair’s open back lets your décor shine through, and it also gives a clear sightline through the room. This makes any venue look larger and not as crowded with furniture as it otherwise would. They’re also great for outdoor use, especially when made out of aluminum! They’re larger open back is quite comfortable but also perfect for letting nature show through.

As for colors, the most used one is gold, followed closely by silver. These chairs look beautiful in metallic tones, however, they are also available in wood tones as well as white and ivory. Each color changes the feel of the space you use them in, from luxe to classic to sweet!

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Which are the best Versailles chairs?

The best event chair is always the one the suits your needs. Metal and aluminum Versailles chairs are not only durable and sturdy, they also look beautiful in metallic tones. Their electrostatic paint also makes them look great for years. Metal and aluminum Versailles chairs are great for stacking and storing, or event for transportation with rental companies. Their lightweight along with their sturdy construction makes metal Versailles event chairs perfect for both rental companies and venues.

What do you think about Versailles chairs?

What’s your favorite color? Do you have them in your venue? Would you use them for your wedding? Let us know in the comments down below or send us a message on our facebook or twitter! You can also follow us on Instagram for your daily dose of real event pictures featuring our beautiful chairs.

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