The Most Popular Wedding Chair Styles | Guide

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If you’re a future bride, a venue owner or a wedding planner you’re probably coming across a topic few people talk about: wedding chairs! Seating at social gatherings and events is absolutely essential. But, for some reason, people rarely discuss the pros and cons of different types of chairs. In this article, we’ll show you all the different types of wedding chairs available on the market so you can choose the best fit for your event.


Chiavari chair

The classic. This is the most used event chair in history! It’s popular for all sorts of social gatherings, from showers to weddings. The Chiavari chair became the quintessential event seating option when it was seen at John and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding. Ever since then brides all over the world have asked for this beautiful piece of history to be a part of their special day.

The Chiavari chair is perfect for anyone who wants a classic look and feel to their wedding. It comes in a variety of colors, including metallics. This means you can absolutely match any color scheme you have in mind. They look great both indoors and out, at ceremonies, banquets, and receptions. If you want a wedding chair that will let the rest of your décor breathe and shine through, the open back of the Chiavari is what you need. However, some brides want their seating options to stand out, so there are plenty of examples of Chiavari chairs decorated for sweetheart tables and guest seating.

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Another piece of history, the Versailles chair first appeared during the reign of Napoleon the III, inspired by the furniture of the renaissance era. It’s a symbol of elegance and royalty and gives off a very European vibe. This wedding chair also had a famous spokesperson who helped it become a coveted seating option. Christian Dior loved this chair so much that he used them for every fashion show he hosted at his boutique in Paris. Their wickerwork seat even inspired the couturier in his famous cannage used in the designer’s leather goods.

These old world chairs are very elegant and they look beautiful in high profile events. They come in a wide range of colors, but the classic metallic gold is the most sought after. Their larger back and baroque design make them more noticeable than the Chiavari, they are not inconspicuous! This means that they should be treated as part of the décor and made to blend in. Here are some of our favorite pictures from weddings and events that have used the Versailles chairs so you can see what we mean.

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A more laid-back option, the Crossback chair became popular alongside the rustic style wedding. They look amazing in barns with tall ceilings as well as in outdoor weddings with a relaxed atmosphere. However, this chair is also a great way to take advantage of one of the hottest trends in weddings this year:  combining rustic and industrial. If your event is being held in an industrial venue, some Crosscak wedding chairs can add a special touch that makes your wedding super modern and cool. There are a million ways to decorate this amazing chair, here are some of our favorites.


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Avant Garden

The Avant Garden chair is another modern option. Its clean lines and small size make it perfect for a minimalist wedding or for when you don’t want your chairs competing with your décor. It’s also a beautiful option for outdoor weddings, especially for the ceremony! Combine these chairs with greenery and you have a beautiful outdoor event all ready to go. Burlap is another great option if you want to add some life to these chairs, plus it goes great with a rustic theme. These chairs are definitely for more relaxed events and should be avoided if you want a more formal atmosphere.

AVANT GARDEN STEEL CHAIR - The Most Popular Wedding Chair Styles | Guide

Banquet chairs

Banquet chairs are a widely available option. Most venues and rental companies have these chairs in stock and some banquet halls provide them without extra cost. This makes them quite convenient, however, they lack the design of the other wedding chairs we’ve talked about. People know this, so they’ve created special chair covers in different colors and styles. Since the whole chair is covered, they are quite apparent and block a lot of the décor. Be careful and choose a cover that goes with your theme! That is, if you don’t want them to distract from the overall look of your event.


Which one is your favorite wedding chair?

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