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What is event decoration?

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In order to have great and long lasting celebrations, it is important to pay attention to the decoration of the event.

The wedding and event industry are about making visions come to life, to do so is very important to communicate with clients and have a plan. An essential part of this vision needs to explain how will the special event look? To answer this question it is important to understand what event decoration means.

Debola Lewis, C.E.O of Yvent Kouture, explains that: “Decorating an event is the art of transforming a reception venue into something that was only imagined, by individuals. It is the end result of a painstaking effort to creatively beautifying a place.”

Decoration is about making things look beautiful, this involves: color schemes, floral arrangements, lighting, and setting of chairs and tables. It is also concerned with drapes, centerpieces, table linens, types of chairs and every minor detail that will help to create the mood imagined by the client.

Specialists for Event Management assure that: “[Event décor] is necessary for setting the mood, framing the emotion and underscoring the importance of the celebration.” Meaning that decoration is not only the first thig event guests see, but also what creates the atmosphere they will remember.

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