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Why EVERY Events Business Should Invest in Chiavari Chairs!

why invest in chiavari chairs

Even if you’re just starting out in the events industry you’ve probably made a couple of wise investments already! You’ve selected a venue or office space, you’ve put together a team you trust and value, maybe you’ve even started spending money on advertisements and marketing. These are all very wise ways of using your money, especially when just starting out. However, there are other investments you probably haven’t thought about that might help you make your events business a success in the long run. These investments include event furniture!

Event seating is one of the most overlooked areas when thinking about turning a profit. But, if you think about it, absolutely every event needs chairs! Think about how much money you could save or even make if you owned your own event chairs! But not just any event chairs: Chiavari chairs. Why? Here are three simple reasons why Chiavari chairs are the best investment to make when opening an events business.

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Chiavari chairs great for any type of event 

One of the main reasons these chairs are so popular is how great they work in any event.  Their uncovered back lets your decor shine through, but they can be decorated or embellished in many different ways. [To learn more about decorating your Chiavari chairs click here]. Their versatile design makes Chiavari chairs so much better than normal banquet chairs or folding chairs. Remember that you need to design your business to attract the client you want!

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Chiavari chairs are always in demand

Chiavari chairs are absolutely the most requested seating option in the events industry! This means that your Chiavari chairs will always be useful. They might even be the reason why a client chooses your business over another. Remember to scout out your competition and choose the chair color that is either most asked for or the one that will set you apart.

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Chiavari chairs  create a new source of income for your business

Since these chairs are always in demand they are a great source of revenue even when you’re not hosting or planning an event yourself! If you have some durable and high-quality Chiavari chairs (like these ones) you can easily rent them out and create a new source of revenue for your business. Just remember to always transport them safely and stack them only as far as the manufacturer allows. 

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Do you already own Chiavari chairs?

If you don’t, here are some of the best quality Chiavari chairs on the market just for you! Here’s a simple guide to take you through the process of buying wholesale event chairs step by step.

If you’re considering another chair style, here’s a quick quiz that’ll help you choose the right event chair for your business.


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