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Chiavari Chairs: Wood, Resin or Metal? The Best Choice For You!

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If you’re reading this you’ve probably asked yourself: should I buy metal event chairs? When talking about chairs for events, venues, banquet halls, and rental companies there are plenty of choices to be made. There are a large variety of styles —from the classic Chiavari to the more rustic X Back, apart from the elegant Versailles— to choose from, but probably the most important choice you can make when investing in chairs is the material they are made out of! By far the best choice is metal, be it steel or aluminum, let’s discuss why.

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Construction and durability

The first thing to think about when choosing chairs for your rental company or event venue is your investment. The best investment is a good quality one! This means that it should last a long time, so durability is a key aspect to consider!


Wood and Resin chairs are simply not as durable as metal ones. The first tend to be made out of soft woods. These woods can warp, so companies reinforce them with metal that can rust and affect the look of the chair. Wood chairs don’t fare too well in outdoor environments either. They must be kept out of the rain at all costs. Because of the material, wooden chairs can also chip or even separate at the joints. Separations compromise the structure of the chair and can cause them to break.


Although resin is more resistant than wood, these chairs tend to be put together with screws that can come loose and get lost, this makes the chairs feel wobbly and they may even fall apart when someone sits on them if a piece is missing or wasn’t tightened correctly. These chairs can also develop unsightly rust stains when used outdoors. Another issue with resin is their durability —especially when talking about Chiavari style chairs— this is due to the fact that the back pieces do not take weight well and tend to crack with use.


Metal chairs, on the other hand, are welded together so there are no extra bits and pieces that can get lost. This also means that metal chairs are incredibly resistant and won’t break apart under a person’s weight, in fact, they’ve stood up to as much as 2,000 lbs! Aluminum chairs are perfect for outdoor use and can put up with any sort of weather. Because of this some metal chairs can have up to a 7-year warranty while wood or resin chairs are only good for about three years at the most.

Shine - Chiavari Chairs: Wood, Resin or Metal? The Best Choice For You!
Metal chairs are welded together for extra durability.

Maintenance and cleaning

Another important aspect to consider when choosing what wholesale chairs to buy is the time and energy you need to invest in maintenance and cleaning. Some chairs are extremely low maintenance while others need a lot of elbow grease to keep looking good.


Because of the way they are painted, wood chairs need to be handled very carefully and get a lot of touchups. Paint and stains on wood tend to chip with time and moisture, and scratches appear easily when chairs are stacked and transported, or even with normal everyday use! As for cleaning, normal cleaning agents can dissolve the clear coat on the chair, so water and soap must be used and the chairs must be absolutely dry before storage. Proper cleaning takes a long time and improper cleaning can damage the chair beyond repair.


Resin chairs must be washed with cleaning agents, which adds an extra expense to their upkeep. Also, because of the steel screws used to put them together, resin chairs can get deep rust stains that are very difficult to remove. This makes cleaning these chairs more of a hassle than it seems. Touch ups are also regularly necessary because the sun can make the resin’s color look faded and dim, although sometimes this damage is so extensive that no amount of sanding could bring one of these chairs back to its original state. Another drawback is the fact that all the screws must be checked and tightened before any event, this takes up plenty lot of time and takes a lot of effort.


Once again, metal chairs excel in this area. These chairs stand up better to weather than any other kind and can even withstand years of heavy use and transportation, which makes them the best choice for rental companies and event halls. They are the easiest to clean because of their powder coating which makes them rust and scratch resistant. Just good old water and maybe some soap are enough to clean any dirt off of metal chairs. As for maintenance, if these chairs ever get scratched it’s very simple to retouch them. The best companies even provide their own retouching kits so that this does not create any extra expenses.


Versailles Outdoor - Chiavari Chairs: Wood, Resin or Metal? The Best Choice For You!
Aluminum chairs are perfect for outdoor events!



The ability to easily store chairs is especially important to venues, halls, and rental companies. Storage is also one of the most common ways chairs can get damaged! It is extremely important to follow each manufacturer’s instructions for chair storage. However, some details are the same depending on the material.


Stacking wood chairs can promote paint chipping and cause a lot of scratches on wood chairs! Since this is the most convenient way to store chairs, it’s a definite drawback when considering which ones to buy. It’s also important to store wood chairs in a dry place since humidity can damage these chairs’ structure and paint.


Since resin chairs are the heaviest out of the three, stacking can be extremely difficult. That being said, many manufacturers say that their resin chairs can be stacked as high as the customer is comfortable with. Can you imagine the damage a stack of 25 heavy resin chairs with steel reinforcements can cause?


Aluminum and steel chairs are extremely light, so they are very easy to stack! Their powder coating also resists scratches while stacking and makes these chairs perfect for saving space and fitting more chairs into one storage area.

stacked3 - Chiavari Chairs: Wood, Resin or Metal? The Best Choice For You!
Stack you Cross Back Chairs


Should you buy metal chairs?

Of course! In the end, metal chairs are the best long-term investment for your event hall, venue, or rental company! Their sturdy construction along with the resistant, glossy powder coating makes them perfect for stacking. Their maintenance and cleaning are minimal, saving both time and money in the long run!

Just remember that aluminum is best for outdoor use while steel should stay indoors. Follow these rules and you’ll have some beautiful chairs that will stay that way for many years to come!


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  1. I like that you talk about how there are a variety of chair styles to choose from, such as Chiavari or Versailles. Choosing the right one for the type of event you have would probably be important to ensure you get something that will work with the style and theme as well as are comfortable for your guests. I’d imagine that you’d probably want to figure out the style early on so you can either rent or buy the amount you need for your event in order to make sure you’ll have them when you need them.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Tiffany! And you’re right about figuring out your event’s style early one. We recommend ordering your event chairs a couple months in advance in order to be 100% sure that they’ll be at your venue on time.

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