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Your chairs matter

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Event chairs are an essential part of decoration; they can easily blend with the chosen color palette or highlight the complete look.

In the previous blog post the meaning of event decoration was explained. According to Debola Lewis: “Décor is (…) concerned with the beauty of tables, the chairs being well set and sometimes covered, the focus (stage), flowers and arrangement types, color coordination…anything to lift the aesthetic of an event.”

This means that one of the most important decisions for venue owners is the purchase of event chairs. Not only because Chiavari Chair wholesale (or any other chair model) is a big investment, also because event chairs are important to clients.

Lauren Randolph, founder of My Hotel Weddinghose, recommends: “[If] you [are] planning (…) on a budget and wanting to get the most bang for your buck, then consider your chairs.”

Nowadays the options are almost unlimited. You can find wedding or event chairs that are: cheap or expensive; made of wood, aluminum or resin; with a classic or modern design; and with many other characteristics.

Before making your wedding chairs wholesale purchase, we recommend to consider:

  1. Quality

Look for well-made event chairs. This will assure you not only impeccable pictures, but security and comfort for every guest. The best way to prove the quality of a chair is to look at its warranty.

  1. Timeless design

Remember, some designs or materials are only trends. Think resin chairs, also called ghosts chairs; Chanel chairs or even crystal Chiavari chairs. As an event owner you might think it is a good investment now, but will it be in ten years? The answer is no, especially considering that trends never last forever.

  1. Versatility

Talking about event decoration it is important to look for event chairs that will look good no matter what the wedding theme is. The best investments are classic models like Chiavari or Versailles, in white, mahogany, silver or gold. These models and colors have been elegant for centuries…and they will always be!

Our clients most of the time go for this: Chiavari Chair wholesale. They love this model because it has all the previous characteristics and many more.

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